5 Top Tips For Leap Year Wedding Dresses

It is widely stated that if people get married during a leap year, their marriage might be short-lived. For that reason many brides begin to feel doubts: all sorts of prejudices concerning the 2020 marriage advisability keep haunting them all the more. Even though, if one believes in all these omens, a couple of years succeeding the leap one will transpire to be totally unfavorable for wedding ceremonies.

What about the loving couples who have been so keenly anticipating their wedding ceremony and reception? The answer is plain and simple. You have to answer only 2 main questions: Are you a bride? Do you marry for love? If both of your answers are positive, then 5 Top foolproof tips for a wedding look are for you. Surprisingly, even superstitious beliefs prove our tips true.

  • During a leap year your wedding dress should not be above the knees, since it is believed that a long dress is endowed with the ability to protect the family from troubles and misfortunes.

If you are among those brides who prefer more revealing dresses, and you do not feel inclined to reject folk superstitions at the same time, fashion trends of 2020 will allow you to create a concurrently conventional and dramatic look. Designers offer us a variety of transparent wedding dresses designs. Lace fabrics and guipures with copious patterns – from floral to abstract ones – will become a source of ingenious ideas for your gentle, sensual and enchanting look.

  • The number of buttons on the bride’s dress should be even.

You have been choosing your wedding dress design for a long time, spelling out all the important details of your wedding look … Now, if your dream wedding gown has buttons, you’d better count them. The placement of buttons being insignificant, make them fetching and festive. For these purpose you can choose satin or lace covered buttons, or give preference to buttons with Swarovski stones. Your look will be perfect, as it is your perfect day.

  • For the family life to be long and successful, a bride should wear a long train wedding dress.

A classic plain dress with layered skirt, a semi transparent lacy outfit and even a pantsuit – you can complement all these arrays by a long train. In 2020 designers implement the bride’s wish for a gentle and feminine look. Besides, a long trail can transition into airy evening wraps and capes, which are part of or are attached to a dress, blouse or wedding suit.

  • Your veil should not be higher than shoulder blades. According to common beliefs, long veil helps you to attach your lover.

No matter how fashions change, the veil still remains a traditional element of a bride’s attire. In 2020 you can complement the wedding look by a veil with an attractive lace pattern, or you can choose a veil harmonizing with the basic style of your dress. Specifically, a straight-cut light dress can be perfectly set off by a long plain veil without patterns; on the contrary, Spanish veil will be a good solution for a godet-style outfit.

  • It is recommended to choose antique and vintage jewellery and wedding accessories. In view of folk superstitions, such jewelry is a symbol of eternity of feelings and long love.

If you own a family heirloom like a antique bracelet, necklace or hair clip and this accessory fits your wedding outfit, then why not wear it? Bridal fashion welcomed vintage and boho style again. Furthermore, you can decorate your wedding outfit with a rare brooch or add a hint of vintage to your wedding hairstyle.

Despite all the prophetic signs, it is important to remember that the year chosen for marriage is of little worth if your innermost feelings are true. Rest assured, Wedding Style catalog will help you to look perfect and create your sophisticated festive look.