коллаборации брендов

Bright Brands Collaboration in 2021

«The right people interacted with the right projects», – Morten Hansen «Collaboration. How to move from rivalry to cooperation» 

Collaboration is one of the strongest marketing tools. Let’s try to tell in more detail, but in simple words. It is a process of combined work of individual brands, people or people and brands.  In fact, it is the same collaboration, but in a modern interpretation and, necessarily, for a short period of time. Collaboration of brands in the modern world has become familiar to us. But in 2021, this trend also affected the wedding fashion industry.

Attract attention, enter a new market, gain more popularity, surprise the audience – for any of these purposes you can use the method of collaboration. And if companies manage to pick the right partners, then the results will not take long to wait. Then both sides will get the necessary effect each, and the consumer – a new original product.

How did it all start?

Collaboration in business is not a new phenomenon. For the first time this method of cooperation was used by eccentric designer Elsa Schiaparelli. The most significant was the joint work with Salvador Dali. In 1937, they created a long dress to the floor of a white organza, on the skirt there was a fabric inserted in the form of a lobster.

The next well-known collaboration in the fashion environment was the collaboration of La Redoute and Emmanuel Kahn. In 1969, a French catalogue trading firm, together with designer MaxMara, released a capsule collection. She had 32 items of clothing. The joint product was successful. Emmanuel Kahn became even more famous, and the brand La Redoute was even more talked about in the press.

Emmanuelle Khan and La Redoute

The collaboration at the time looked like a new experiment. And obviously it didn’t cause confidence in efficiency. Since the new joint cooperation took place only in 1977. House 3Suisse and Sonia Rykiel have also released a clothing catalog.

The H’M brand played a significant role in creating the trend for collaboration. Since 2004, the company has organised sales of capsule collections in a limited edition. After starting working with Karl Lagerfeld, H’M created fashion collaborations with Versace, Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang, Balmain and many others.

коллаборация брендов H&М и Карл Лагерфельд

Why do fashion brands decide to work together?

There can be a huge number of reasons for this. In addition, often the parties that unite for work have different motives. We believe that there are a few key ones:

  • Improving image and financial performance.
  • Joint promotion.
  • Attracting attention.
  • Increased loyalty.
  • Entering new markets.
  • Expanding the audience and sphere of influence.
  • Maintaining status.
  • Warming up consumer interests.

In addition, it is also worth paying attention to the choice of a person or company for cooperation. To do this, we recommend that you consider these factors:

  • Attention to the audience. Don’t forget about your customers and fans of your firm/company. The collaboration party needs to resonate with your audience. After all, if your chosen partner is the antipode for your consumers, the collaboration is unlikely to be successful. In addition, the chances of losing the love and attention of those customers who were with you before the collaboration increase.
  • Common values. It is very desirable that those products that companies produce before cooperation complement each other or have common values.
  • The point of collaboration. Put an idea into your collaboration. Do not create goods for the sake of goods. Consumers want to see the benefit and be inspired by the ideas that brands carry.

Trend on Collaboration in Wedding Fashion in 2021

In 2020, the entire planet was covered by a pandemic, which affected almost all areas of business. The cancellation of banquets, screenings, weddings and the requirement to stay at home also affected fashion brands and representatives of the wedding industry. But, as you can see, in 2021 our usual life is gradually restored. And there are new habits and new trends.

A bright trend can be called the collaboration of brands this year. It is difficult to remember at least one more such year, when for the first 6 months announced about 4 wedding collaborations. And some of them took place not only between representatives of different countries, but even different continents. Today, under our watchful eye got such collaborations 2021:

  • Katya Silchenko + WONA Concept, 
  • Vera Wang + Pronovias, 
  • Andre Tan + Katya Osadcha, 
  • Pronovias + Marchesa. 

Katya Silchenko + WONA Concept

Outfits- transformers and mix and match concept, convenience and style, luxury and simplicity… All this is about the collection created together by two Ukrainian representatives: the brand of wedding dresses WONÁ Concept and the designer of The Coat Katya Silchenko.

16 images of high-quality fabrics, which the bride will be able to change to her personal taste and mood. To do this, there was even created a video instruction, so that the girls did not have difficulties. In addition, representatives of wedding brands took care of bridesmaids and wedding bouquet.

Let’s take a closer look at the outfits. What materials were used for the collection? It is a soft tulle, delicate satin, Italian taffeta and mikado. Styles of outfits: from romantic curvy skirts to laconic costumes with clear lines.

Collaboration of the brands WONÁ  and The Coat is a vision of the image of the bride from Katya Silchenko and the DNA of her brand.

Pronovias + Vera Wang

The new brand Vera Wang Bride has appeared in the wedding fashion market. And in October 2021, a huge collection of wedding and cocktail dresses will be available to consumers. Together with Pronovias, designer Vera Wang creates more affordable festive outfits. According to preliminary information, the new collection will cost from 1600 to 4000 dollars (unlike Vera Wang Haute with an average price of $8,000).

The main emphasis of representatives of both brands is on the quality of the finished product. Behind the words of Amandine Ohayon, CEO of Pronovias Group, the new collection combines two important factors:

  • Vera Wang’s handwriting and iconic design,
  • Great opportunities to find high-quality materials and technical capabilities of Pronovias Group.

60 wedding and 60 cocktail images will be the first results of a long 10-year licensing collaboration of eminent brands.

Andre Tan + Katya Osadcha

Ukrainian fashion designer Andre Tan can be called a lover of collaboration. And 2021 was no exception. This time the designer created an eco-friendly collection together with the popular Ukrainian TV presenter Katya Osadcha. Innovative fabrics from rice stalks, processed sugar cane, pineapple leaves and banana branches, as well as cotton and organic flax. New models are a beautiful summer wardrobe and light shades.

The joint collection of famous Ukrainians contained outfits with national motifs, reimagined in a modern way. And not for nothing this cooperation was on a par with the wedding collaborations of 2021. Just look at the outfits. Romantic dresses, voluminous sleeves and ruffles – for fans of minimalism it is an impeccable solution for a mural ceremony or chamber wedding.

Laconic outfits with palazzo trousers are ideal not only for everyday wardrobe, but also for the wedding ceremony. In addition, accessories in the style of Katie Osadcha (hats and hoops) will also be able to complement the festive wardrobe, for example, if your wedding takes place on the beach.

Pronovias + Marchesa

21 organza, mesh, satin and mikado dresses are dresses from the Marchesa for Pronovias collection. This collaboration combines luxury models of the American brand Marchesa and light draping of the Spanish house Pronovias.

One of the goals of the collaboration was to create dresses worthy of red tracks, but at an affordable price. So, the cost of outfits starts from 2 thousand dollars.

Here’s more information about the collaboration of wedding brands Pronovias and Marchesa on the Wedding Style website.