Chantilly lace for a wedding dress – choose the best fabrics per meter

Chantilly lace can be called the most delicate basis for a wedding dress. Both thin canvas and neat pattern create a special weaving thread. Laces, which are usually performed without embroidery, become a beautiful round for tailoring an outfit.

Often customers are looking for a chance to buy a lace Chantilly per meter. Therefore, we offer you several options of lace-based from the category ‘Chantilly’.

Chantilly lace in the range of the online store Wedding Style

Floral patterns and an extremely neat canvas create an impeccable combination. This fabric is ideal for emphasising the delicate and immaculate silhouette of the bride. In our small video review we will look at 7 choices of Chantilly lace. Thus, we hope that you will be able to pick the exact canvas that will satisfy your requirements to 100%.

What French lace Chantilly will be on the video:

  1. RS32107
  2. RS32073
  3. RS32162
  4. RS32274
  5. A0032A
  6. 6700 (D)
  7. RS32250

Before taking a closer look at the overview of the fabrics, we offer you to glance at how Rosa Clara and Pronovias use Chantilly lace in their designs.

RS32107. The embroidered lace with a floral motif. The lace itself has the same, beautiful edges at the top and the bottom. Massive flowers are evenly spread across the whole lace. The width of the Chantilly – 1.4m.

RS32073. The arranged well continuous drawing. The fabric is slightly stretchy. The placement of the pattern on the lace allows you to tailor it however you please.

RS32162. The floral pattern is concentrated in the shape of bouquets on the canvas. The pattern itself is made with a combination of threads: matte and shiny. Due to such mixture, the lace gleams slightly. The fabric stretches a little. It also has two identical edges: top and bottom.

RS32274. A thinner lace with two exact edges. The design on the fabric appears to be simple and gentle at the same time. The lace has a light shimmering sparkle.

A0032A. Unfortunately, at the moment this Chantilly is only available in white in our store. The floral pattern on the canvas is made in the form of a zigzag. It also has 2 identical small edges.

6700 (D). The Chantilly, which differs from others with its colour. The arrangement on the fabric is made with combined threads. Due to the use of the golden threat, the fabric has a darker shade.

RS32250. Chantilly is a ground that goes without an edge. The solid pattern looks very neat. This particular fabric is a lot softer than the mentioned above options. Besides, given lace is elastic enough.

How to incorporate Chantilly lace?

It is worth noting that Chantilly lace is combined with almost all basic fabrics. In addition, having a glance at the light pattern on the lace, you can decorate a wedding dress with a variety of motifs, rhinestones or any of the other ornamental elements and details. Choose  wedding fabrics  of the highest quality to create a solemn outfit that will win all hearts.