basic lace

Charming lightness. Let’s choose a basic lace for spectacular wedding image.

A fabric chosen for a wedding dress appears to be much more than a mere material. After all, any bride envisages and creates her own dress, which will be special and magical. Every detail, every inch of a dress make up a well-thought-out puzzle, which subsequently develops into an unforgettable image. Indeed, it is extremely important to feel confident and comfortable in the wedding dress the day you get married.

Yet, every dress has its basis, like everything else does. Properly chosen base comes to be a good start. This is what the Wedding Style team knows for sure. Therefore, we have selected several variants of basic laces for you. These fabrics will help you create your own unique wedding vision.

What is the basic lace

  • RS31076 – is a very soft tulle with neat floral pattern. The pattern is sewn on top of the net, which gives the cloth volume and relief. The fabric stretches well in different directions.
  • RS31080 – is a cloth of medium softness. The fabric stretches slightly, preserving the pattern. Large and small flowers are sewn with threads on top of the tulle.
  • The pattern on RS32152, RS32024 and RS32025 fabrics is woven using a combination of cells of different sizes. This pattern looks almost invisible, which makes it even neater. You can choose stiff basic lace RS32024 or RS32152, which does not stretch at all, or a softer and more flexible version of RS32025.
  • The basic laces RS31080 and RS32193 both have a smooth surface with neatly sewn patterns. Laces are of medium stiffness and are slightly stretchable.

These laces can be used as either supportive or main element of a wedding dress. Skirts, sleeves, capes or cloaks will look attractive even without additional decor. What is more, you can combine the basics with satin, tulle, guipure, crepe and have them decorated with motifs or rhinestones. Provided that you have several layers of fabric folded, you can get not only magnificent skirts, but also aerial sleeves, resembling the ones by SuperNova Fashion Group or a light outfit with wing sleeves, similar to Berta wedding gowns.

It is also worth noting that each of the above variants of the basic laces can be used to create a dress of almost any cut. All you have to do is to choose a suitable pattern.