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Crepe Fabric: properties, types, common usage

A crepe dress is a timeless classic in which you will always look stylish and ladylike. The crepe fabric is comfortable and light, it clings to the body in what is commonly thought of as an alluring way and is therefore highly useful in flowing, airy garments. Due to its wide varieties, the most common applications of crepe fabric are in everyday outfits as well as in weddings, galas, and other similarly high-class environments.

Crepe Properties and Composition

Silk, woolen, cotton, synthetic, viscose – these are the fibers used in crepe fabrics production.

How is crepe fabric made?

Crepe yarn is made with a process of right-hand and left-hand diagonal twisting of textile fibers at certain intervals. This technology is used to give the yarn its strength as well as distinctive properties. The latter help to distinguish crepe fabric from the other ones.

The properties in question include grainy relief and roughness, which is achieved by untwisting the fibers when the fabric is immersed in hot water.

Purchasing a crepe dress indeed makes sense for those who value quality, as the fabric is hard-wearing and will not lose its pristine appearance over time. Besides, such dress can be safely packed for a trip, since it practically does not crease.

Types of crepe fabric

There are many types of crepe, we will discuss the main ones below. We will show you the types of crepe fabric, their production technology, as well as their usage.

  • Crepe satin – is a material that resembles satin or silk. It has a typical luster and a fine-grained surface. The cloth face is smooth with a glossy sheen, the seamy side is matte, rough-grained. The finished fabric acquires smoothness and elasticity, due to the application of finely patterned weaving technology. Alternating the threads with shifting from one side to another is known as the crepe type of twisting.

The variety of garments made of crepe satin can be found below. You can also check out the photos of the fabric itself in the Wedding Style online store. A thin type of fabric is CS56, a denser one is – CS23.

◊ Usage of crepe-satin: crepe-satin fabric is generally used in wedding- and eveningwear, as well as pajamas, peignoirs, nightgowns, and also bedspreads and pillowcases.

  • Crepe chiffon – is a very thin semi-translucent fabric. It is different from standard chiffon because of its typical grainy and denser structure. For visual clarity you can compare our standard chiffon CH07A and stretch multi-chiffon with crepe structure CH41, and also dense crepe chiffon СH76.

More often than not this fabric is produced with synthetic yarns, that are twisted very tightly, so that the finished material is durable. The grain texture is obtained after subjecting the fabric to high temperatures.

◊ Scope of application: sewing shawls, summer sundresses, dresses, skirts, airy blouses for going out. It is recommended to use a lightweight lining to remove excess transparency.

  • Crepe stretch. This type is distinguished by its density as well as viscose in its composition with the addition of synthetics.

It is more elastic than other varieties of crepe, thanks to elastane fibers. Therefore it fits perfectly on the figure, drapes well, does not wrinkle.

There are several subtypes of matte stretch crepe in our online store:

FG004Z — is a dense, stretch fabric. One side is matte and has a smooth matte surface, the other one is velvety, it ripples in soft folds and stretches in both directions. It is a perfect option for alluring and sensual dresses, Godet silhouette, sleeves, fitted skirts, etc

FR017 (HEAVY ELASTIC CREPE) – is dense, heavy stretch crepe. The material does not crease and drapes well. The fabric is easy to care for, and also keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. It is a perfect option for women’s suits, dresses, trousers, and skirt.

FR040 (SMOOTH CREPE) – is a medium density stretch crepe. The material is matte, soft with a slightly velvety structure.

FR008 (STRETCH CREPE) – is a fabric with a pronounced grainy structure, lightweight, elastic, it practically does not crease. The material is wear-resistant and clings to the body in an alluring way

As you can see, a wide variety of crepe fabrics allows you to create various clothes with unique charm. We hope that we have been able to help you to learn more about crepe fabric.

In our Wedding Style online store you can buy high-quality crepe to create the most sophisticated design. You can find the full range of crepe fabrics on our website in the Crepe subcategory.

In our subsequent articles we will present the other types of this material as well as the crepe fabric washing guide.