What kind of plain lace appliqués are in the range of the store Wedding Style

The process itself of sewing and decorating a wedding dress takes a lot of work and strings. As after all, one would want for every detail to look perfect. We select the style, fabrics, ornaments, accessories, and every time by doing so having a fear of making a mistake. In most of the cases, it happens due to the fact that we have no clue what kind of plain lace appliqués there are and what the difference is between them. In order to make this choice easier, as well as taking a closer look at the range of the online-store Wedding Style, we offer video reviews, in which you will discover:

  • Which plain lace appliqués can be found in our catalogue.
  • You will be able to look closer at some examples.
  • You will get a chance to go on the page of the good straight away.

The variety of plain lace appliqués for wedding dresses

Lace motifs for a dress are differentiated depending on the features of the grounds. Here is how they are allocated:

  • Motifs with a matte ground
  • Motifs with a shiny ground

Besides, plain lace appliqués without the glossy ornamental elements have a stunning pattern of embroidery, which adds to:

  • Cording yarn
  • Patch flowers

A separate place among the motifs for a wedding dress are held by the so called appliqués ‘Rishelie’.

Let us take a look at how they appear to be from a closer proximity and where to find them on the website.

Motifs with a matte ground

Matte motifs look extraordinary on the wedding dresses, as well as on the children’s festive dresses. This type of appliqués do not have a shiny sparkle, which makes the ready attire both elegant and neat.

Motifs with a matte ground

What motifs will you see on the video:

  • AM24923D–N44. The densely embroidered thread creates a smooth, splendid pattern. Moreover, if you would like to add a tiny bit of shine, but you like the given pattern, you could choose the motifs with sequins.
  • AM24971D3-N44. A plain lace motif, but in a bigger size. The flowers, which are presented in different proportions, charmingly combine with neat twigs. In addition, for a full set you can also select its compatible trim.
  • AM24839-2-N99. A long motif that is made on a mesh ground.
  • AM24683-4-N44. A very small design on the appliqué has allowed to incorporate adequate amount of elements on one twig. The flowers, leaves and the monograms look incredibly organic on the thin net.

Motifs with a cording yarn

By decorating the fabrics with a cord, it automatically adds precision, salience and volume to the pattern. Such distinctions are especially noticed on the small-scale details, for example on the appliqués. If you intend creating a light emphasis on the dress, you should choose embroidered motifs with a cording yarn.

Motifs with a cording yarn

Take a look how the wedding motifs with a cord, that you can purchase wholesale on the online-store Wedding Style, are displayed:

  • RS22344. A long motif with a cording yarn made on the ground of the Chantilly lace.
  • RS21002C. A plain cording appliqué, that is also made on the ground of the Chantilly lace. A thin cord exquisitely highlighted the delicate floral pattern.
  • TD20002C4-N66. A small motif with a cord. The ornament is created on slim mesh with miniature cells.
  • C2974C4-N44. An alluring flower option. The cording yarn underlines every detail of the pattern.

 Motifs with a shiny ground

Nowadays, the most popular appliqués are the plain lace appliqués with a shiny ground. Therefore, the online-shop Wedding Style offers you a huge variety of wholesale motifs that come straight from the supplier.

Motifs with a shiny ground

On the given video it can be seen that there are a few motifs presented, that would perfectly suit any wedding dress sewn:

  •  AM25027-N44. A small flower pattern made on a solid tulle.
  • AM24610-N44. A long appliqué in a shape of a twig. Due to the size, the motif has fitted in gorgeous flowers, leaves and monograms.
  • AS21048-4-N44-S28A. Appealing patched flowers that are used in various sizes have been added to this plain lace appliqué, so that it looks both festive and moderately at the same time.
  • AM24572-4D2-N44 and TL-7958. The main feature of these two motifs is the silver ground. Such plain appliqués are beautifully sparkly and add a smooth silver tone to a ready outfit.

Types of plain lace motifs: motifs ‘Rishelie’

What is embroidery ‘Rishelie’? It is a lacy embroidery, which is somewhat forgotten in the current fashion. It is true, the process itself of creating the ‘Rishelie’ appliqué is thought to be extremely difficult. At first, the contour of the pattern is wired with a special hem. Afterwards, the spacings that are left are accurately cut. The end result of the clothes that are decorated with the embroidery ‘Rishelie’ gives a special effect that looks both celebratory and dashing.

A few options of the plain lace motifs ‘Rishelie’ are presented on the video:

  • AM24795H–PO2040A. The appliqué is made on the basis of a tight ground. To complement a relatively big flower, three smaller flowers and a few tiny leaves come into play for this particular motif. In the range of the online-shop Wedding Style you can also find the compatible trim.
  • AM24831DH–PO2040A. A more precise pattern of the appliqué. A compatible trim can also be found on the website.
  • AM24794. A motif in a shape of a twig. The lack of flowers adds to the motif ‘Rishelie’ a certain newness.
  • AB23044. A classic motif with a flower pattern. Besides, it goes with a beautiful trim.

In order to see more options you can visit the ‘Plain Lace Appliqués’. More than 100 choices are presented there for you to find a perfectly suitable motif that will look astonishingly on your dress and will add an effective detail to your outfit.