Танцевальные ткани

Let’s choose the best fabrics for making a dance costume

Stage clothes look scintillating and fabulously festive. Densely embroidered fabrics, voluminous elements and rave of colors catch attention to the stage. However, meanwhile, the dance costume in gentle pastel hues will not be worse than “colored” ones. It is only important to choose the right fabric for sewing and … go for it! Create beauty!

What is the most important thing when making a dance costume? First, you need to choose a style. Next, it is necessary to determine what fabrics and decorative elements will be used for the stage costume. So, we are here to help you.

Let’s imagine that we have already drawn a sketch of the dress. Now, we will choose a fabric for it. Note that a dance or other performance on stage foresees movement. While dancing, there is a need to create volume and the effect of continuous movement. Laces with appliquéd details, which one part is sewn to the ground, and the other hangs in the air are the perfect solution .What are these details? They are feathers, fringes or beaded dangles. Such details are completely different. The main thing is that they reflect your every gesture.

Fabric for stage clothes from Wedding Style catalogue

Don’t think that our store is just a variety of fabrics for wedding dress. Not at all. Among the thousands of fabrics, we have chosen a few special ones especially for you. Using our offers, you will be able to bring all ideas for dance costumes to life.

Beautiful lace without embroidery AB34468-N44 with small applique details creates a fringe effect. This fabric is versatile. You can use it to sew a training dance suit or a stage dress. Besides, a dance dress made from this guipure is an excellent basis for creating a complete stage look. Just add Swarovski crystals and — voilà! —  airy, gentle and elegant dance dress is ready! Using of this lace will save your time, since you don’t need to sew the fringe on. And the rousing rhythms of latin dance make your dress come to life and sparkle on the floor.

Ткань с бахромой

A neat pattern and beaded yarns will be your base for making the perfect concert costumes. AM34195-1F2B-N44 – will inspire you to creativity from the first minutes of acquaintance. And if earlier you made beaded threads by hand, now this is not necessary at all. After all, this fabric simplifies the whole process of sewing dance costumes. You can use embroidered lace for sewing the entire dress or for its separate elements. For instance, the lace can be combined with satin fabrics from Wedding Style. Complete a smooth bodysuit with an embroidered skirt and decorate the sleeves or make inventive dance pants.

ткань для пошива танцевальных костюмов

Delicate lace AM53156QF2B-N44 will help to sew a bright and restrained dress at the same time. Tubе beads, sequins and rhinestones create a beautiful pattern on the fabric. Such lace is seamless for oriental dances clothes, ballroom dancing costumes, and stage costumes for vocalists. Get inspired by a dress from Australian brand Leah Da Gloria and imagine the chic concert look, which you can create with our embroidered lace.

An advantageous design solution when sewing a dress for a stage is the use of fabric with feathers. After all, feathers in outfits have returned to the fashion catwalk again. Our online store of fabrics offers several variants of guipure lace with feathers. So, you can choose a wave pattern (AM53344QUF2AB-N44), a beautiful floral pattern (AM52981-1F2AB-N44) or a sophisticated abstraction (AM52780-1QF2AB-N44). Whichever fabric you choose, the final product will undoubtedly attract enthusiastic glances.

Ready-made embroidered belt as an element of a dance costume

Can we use an embroidered belt to create a dramatic dance costume? Yes, yes and yes again. Thanks to this decorative element, we can easily focus on the desired part of the dress.

Thus, oriental dances anticipate that attention will be drawn to the dancer’s hips or bust. So, why not decorate these parts of the stage costume with embroidered narrow lace trimming. The belt for oriental dances, made from the fabrics of Wedding Style store, is a bright touch to the stage look. Besides, the fabric with tassels AM11532KFB-1-N99 will be the perfect decoration for a dance bodice.

Do not miss the moment that it is worth buying an embroidered belt for ballroom dance dresses. You can sew it to the hem of the dress, just like the renowned Albina Dyla brand did. In addition, the beaded fringe AM14221-1B-N44 is worth buying for decorating a dance costume along the entire length. Neat beaded threads also allow you to use fringe to create inventive accessories. For example, a disco wig like Jennifer Lopez’s is easy to reproduce using an embroidered belt from our online store.

It is important to remember that dance costumes are almost not limited by any framework, except for the requirements for compliance with the age category. Choose fabrics from Wedding Style, create, make dance masterpieces, and our managers will always help and advise you.