Marchesa for Pronovias

New York couture Marchesa and Spanish passion Pronovias — what does the collaboration of the two famous wedding brands look like?

The perfect wedding dress exists. We can say that with certainty. Do you have any doubts? Then meet the impeccable collection of ‘Marchesa for Pronovias’. The two brands decided to join forces to create truly romantic images for brides.

Valmont Barcelona Fashion Week, which took place in Pronovias’ hometown, has inspired the designers to collaborate. Two years ago, Marchesa co-founder Georgina Chapman and Pronovias CEO Amandine Ohayon decided to collude. Ideas and designs for the outfits were thought out very carefully, as for both brands it was important not to lose the style inherent only in their outfits.

And, without any doubt, they succeeded. ‘Marchesa for Pronovias’ — is the perfect combination of the DNA of these brands. Busts with corsets, 3D flowers, embroidered guipuras and removable capes demonstrate Chapman’s handwriting. At the same time, voluminous drapery, light falling skirts emphasise the features of Pronovias.

‘Marchesa for Pronovias’ collection — wedding dresses for the bride for all tastes

Lush silhouettes, mermaid skirts, empire-style outfits – the new collection will be able to satisfy the tastes of all brides. In addition, you can pick up wedding dresses of classic cut, or give preference to more free and relaxed images.

The new ‘Marchesa for Pronovias’ collection includes 21 designs. We offer to take a closer look at the outfits.

Princess wedding dress

Volume multi-layered skirts made of tulle and organza give the bride’s image solemnity and tenderness. And additional floral appliqués make the outfit even more romantic (Coralle, Carrasco, India).

If you want to emphasise the beautiful neckline, it is worth choosing the model Amaya. The top of the outfit is made out of thickly embroidered floral lace. The neat V-neck gives the image of elegance and femininity. A multi-layered skirt adds lightness and enchanting negligence.

To fully feel in a couture dress Marchesa the outfit Marisol will help. Spectacular cape, which is decorated with voluminous flowers, vividly demonstrates the handwriting of Georgina Chapman. At the same time, a lush skirt made out of soft mesh and multi-layered organza demonstrates the style of the wedding dresses that Pronovias has.

If you are in search of a catchy, impressive and, at the same time, fabulous image, then you are perfect model Yiya. Deep neckline, satin ribbon on the waist line, 3D flowers from organza on straps and skirt dresses. In this outfit you will shine and capture all the views of others.

Lush wedding dresses with lace

The fans of lush lace wedding dresses will be able to find a suitable outfit in the collection “Marchesa for Pronovias” too. Take a closer look at Baras, Canelita and Gomez models. Which guipure wedding dress is closest to you? What embroidery you like:

  • a neat floral pattern and transparent coquette (Baras),
  • small floral 3D elements that seem to fall from top to bottom, supplemented by a light cape (Gomez),
  • or Canelita outfit, with floral twigs scattered all over the dress and recurring on the cape?

Elegant classics “Marchesa for Pronovias” in the fabrics of Mikado and Satin

Impeccable luxury, which conveys the material of the wedding product. Elegant classic wedding fabrics are nothing but mikado and satin. The new collection offers a choice of 2 dresses from these materials:

  • Fernanda is a fabulous dress with a lush skirt made of Mikado fabric. Beautiful folds, fine embroidery, voluminous bow, deep neckline – these are all the necessary elements for a spectacular wedding image.
  • Bernarda – a straight satin wedding dress. High slit on the skirt, asymmetrical neckline, ending with a bow on the shoulder, light drapery and corset back – does it not look so discreet and elegant for wedding image?

Elegant wedding dresses with Chantilly lace

The mermaid’s wedding dress will be able to accentuate the curves of the body, waist and sophisticated silhouette of the bride. And if you use the French Chantilly lace for the whole outfit, then a particularly delicate image is guaranteed. Pronovias wedding dresses and a new collection are 3 magical A-silhouette outfits with a thin canvas of Chantilly lace

Take a closer look and see what style you will be closer to:

  • Boho dress Roc. These are flared transparent sleeves, original back, thin belt and voluminous flowers from the organza on the skirt;
  • Paulanda dress with notes of flamenco. Fitted skirt with train, 3D flowers that adorn the skirt and voluminous sleeves. In addition, open shoulders make the wedding image passionate and alluring;
  • a classic image of the Spanish señorita Bacan. Spectacular neckline, lowered sleeves, high cut give the wedding alongside gloss and perfection.

The light wedding silhouettes that inspired Sevilla

Free cut and simple forms of dresses, which increasingly attract modern brides, in the collection ‘Marchesa for Pronovias’ are presented in 7 models. So, if you like this style of wedding dresses – there is what to choose from. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Esperanza. It is a modern image of an ancient goddess. Open shoulders and back, a straight silhouette, slightly fitted in the thighs, and beautiful embroidery on the bodice… This is what luxury and simplicity looks like in one outfit.
  • Caneta. Free A-silhouette dress with notes of boho. Air skirt, beautiful and simple bodice, thin straps make the outfit look like the image of a fabulous nymph.
  • Hoyos и Montoya. Light flowing models with ties around the neck. Small voluminous 3D flowers adorn the neck, thus attracting looks to the top of the dress. The skirt in these examples is quite simple. The descending mesh with the lining looks airy and adds smoothness and gentleness to each movement.
  • Miranne. Incredibly feminine dress for the wedding ceremony. Each element of it is an appeal to the grace of a modern girl. The bodice with a deep neckline and overhead elements, loose sleeves, nude back and a charming bow emphasise the fragile lines of the silhouette.
  • Treme. If you are confused and do not know which image to choose, so as not to look too frank, or, on the contrary, too easy, then choose this model. Free skirt, rich embroidery, Juliet-style sleeves, corset bodice and covered shoulders – everything is perfect here. This outfit as if created for a perfectly comfortable wedding image, so that you were comfortable throughout the special day.
  • Oropesse. The dress is an experiment for which Marchesa had to move away from the style inherent to the brand. Elegant and simple, without voluminous elements and an abundance of embroidery. The Oropesse dress is almost 2 outfits in 1. Tight bottom mermaid dress and loose top layer with ruffles on the hem. This is the outfit that will suit all brides without exception

Marchesa for Pronovias couture wedding gowns for a wide audience

You can evaluate outfits by beauty, luxury, richness of embroidery, but most importantly, especially now, is the cost of a wedding dress. Many fashionistas and brides could have dreamed before and imagined themselves in dresses from the American brand Marchesa. Today, thanks to the new collection “Marchesa for Pronovias” the realization of the dream has become much closer.

According to The Chief Artistic Director of Pronovias Alessandra Rinaudo, the cost of dresses starts from 2000,000 dollars. So if you’ve slept and seen you walk down the aisle in a Marchesa dress, it’s time to turn dreams into reality.

Wedding Style Fabrics analogues for flawless designs

To get closer to the dress of dreams can be done in another easier way. It is not necessary to go far abroad and spend a large sum of money. How, then? We’re going to tell you about it.

Wedding Style has chosen alternatives for you, with which you can create no less luxurious designs of wedding dresses. Interesting? Well, then we present our analogues of materials.

  • Plain lace AM34102 is suitable both for a corset design and for decorating a skirt
  • Lace with 3D flowers AM53345 can be used as an option for the design of the top of the dress, sleeves or creating the effect of scattering of the flowers down the skirt.
  • Luxurious lace with a lot of small voluminous flowers AM52900, to decorate the corset, coquette or cuff sleeves.
  • Chantilly lace with floral ornament 6974 can be used as a base, complementing it with three-dimensional appliqués.
  • Guipure with overhead flowers AM33941, generously embroidered with beads and sequins will be the ideal solution for the design of the corset and downed sleeves.
  • Magical floral twigs and heavily sewn flowers AM52226 will be a good alternative for the decor of the top of the dress.

In addition, it is worth noting that this is our vision of the flawless dresses of the collection ‘Marchesa for Pronovias’. Among the store’s large range of fabrics for wedding dresses in Ukraine, you will be able to pick a variety of patterns of lace, appliqués and trims. Combine lace canvases and basic fabrics on the dress, add more 3D  elements or adjust the designs to your style. We hope that his collection will inspire you to creativity and new unique ideas.