свадебное платье в восточном стиле

Oriental-style wedding dress is a perpetual trend

The East is… Probably, each person will have their own characteristics. Let’s play a little association. Heat, sea, rest, oriental dancing, islands, bright make-up and luxury. Of course, if we talk about festive celebrations, luxury is present in every moment. Wealth of decoration, decor, ceremonies on a grand scale… And the bride’s dress is a separate art form. And we want to pay more attention to the oriental-style wedding dress.

свадьба Восток

What is embroidery with Arabic motifs? First of all, such fabrics are heavy and thickly embroidered. The decor itself combines many different components: beads, sequins, rhinestones, pearls, etc. Patterns… You can get lost here. Beautiful curls and monograms together with stripes or waves create an unique pattern on the canvas.

Without any doubt, the dress with oriental patterns will never leave the collections of world designers. From year to year you can see different transformations of the painting on the canvas and the change of styles. But dresses with the flavour of the East – it’s an eternal trend that exists next to minimalist trends.

Oriental Style – What is it?

Asian motifs from Morocco to Japan  often combine one name nowadays – oriental style of clothing. Literally, oriental means eastern, characteristic of the East or close to it. Also, semantics “oriental” is used to denote classic belly dance.

Oriental style in modern fashion has absorbed the bright features of each individual country of the East. And all together they created a riot of colours, patterns and florid drawings. But wedding dresses in this style – it’s not multi-coloured clothes, but chic outfits worthy of queens. And oriental style is more similar to the costumes of oriental dancers in wedding fashion. No, not by style, but by embroidery and richness of decorative elements. You wonder what we’re talking about? Then let’s move on.

Characteristics of oriental ornaments on wedding fabrics

Oriental-style fabrics for the bride’s dress have certain features. It is by some characteristics that it is possible to combine different embroidered lace into one class – oriental fabrics.

So what is the difference between oriental ornaments and patterns from other lace canvases? Let’s talk about it.

  • In fabrics with oriental ornaments you will not find classic floral patterns. If the flowers are present on the canvas, then along with twigs, leaves and strips. The buds themselves, basically, have sharp petals.
  • Most of the materials with Arabic motifs have a high coupon drawing. Such a pattern can be both one-sided and two-sided. But, necessarily, on the grid there are embroidered strips, curls and a cage.
  • Complex ornaments are one of the key characteristics of oriental-style fabrics. If you can not describe what exactly is depicted on the canvas, but the fabric itself is insanely beautiful – then, most likely, in front of you the lace is oriental.
  • Fabrics with beautiful and numerous embroidery. Oriental fabrics have bright shine and heavy decorative elements.
  • Attention to the corset. The canvases with Arabic patterns are ideal for the top part of the dress. The edge of the fabric is often also embroidered, and the embroidered material attracts a lot of attention to the corset of the wedding dress.

These characteristics are just a general outline of luxurious oriental drawings on fabrics. To understand them better, you need to look at the finished products. Therefore, we propose to look at the beautiful options of the oriental-style wedding dress.

Famous designers and Arab motifs

Sometimes we look at the fabric and we don’t know how to apply it. Everything seems to be beautiful: both pattern and embroidery. But it is at this point that our imagination refuses to work. Been? Familiar?

In case you get into such situation or just want to be inspired by something new, we offer help. We have selected the works of world-renowned fashion designers, who in their works often resort to fabrics with oriental patterns. A portion of inspiration and aesthetic pleasure will be provided to you.

Zuhair Murad

Dresses of the Lebanese fashion designer are striking examples of the use of oriental patterns. His original handwriting and materials are easy to recognise even with the naked eye. Luxury canvases, memorable cuts, photo shoots of unimaginable beauty… It is worth looking at only one creation of Zuhair Murad, to fall in love with the East forever.

Ersa Atelier

The brand from Romania, which was created by 2 sisters, has won recognition, success and luxury status. Handmade embroidery dresses demonstrate the beauty and aesthetics of luxury. Starting with the designs of theatrical costumes, outfits from Ersa Atelier also have a gloss inherent in stage images. But, it is important to note that in the hands of the sisters oriental patterns played with new colours.

Leah Da Glória

The Australian brand actively uses Arab motifs in its collections. Lush embroidered corsets, plentiful embroidery on the sleeves and regal patterns on the dress. These materials are presented in the dresses 2021 COUTURE Collection from Leah Da Glória. Lots of beads, heavy dresses – it’s chic with oriental drawings from Australia.

Steven Khalil

Designer from Australia with Lebanese roots. Since childhood he was in love with fashion, Steven Khalil brought his sense of tradition of the East in modern outfits. His dresses with intricate patterns can often be found on red carpets. And the oriental-style wedding dress by Steven Khalil combines showiness and tenderness in one product.


Berta wedding gowns are not only a challenge and a test of the barriers of the modern design world. In the collections of the Israeli fashion house you can find luxurious oriental motifs. And, by the way, it’s no accident. After all, Berta Balilti was born in Cairo. Apparently, even though she left Egypt at the time of 3 years, the subtle feeling of the East remained in the blood and was reflected in the wedding dresses.


The Ukrainian wedding brand also uses lace of this kind. The finishing of the corset or the whole dress fabrics with oriental ornaments will not go unnoticed neither on the fashionable catwalks, nor at the festive banquet. The traditional closed dress style that brings us closer to the Muslim world or more daring and vivid images with rich embroidery? Without leaving the borders of Ukraine, you will be able to find a suitable outfit.

Select fabrics with oriental patterns for flawless outfits

We have told you only about some designers whose collections contain Arabic motifs. But that’s not all. We suggest not to go far, and not to fly to Australia or Israel, when you plan to sew an oriental-style wedding dress. Wedding Style company provides alternative lace canvases for the dress, in which each girl can feel like an eastern queen.

More pictures of the proposed lace options can be seen by clicking on the link:

We hope you were able to experience the atmosphere of the East and get a portion of inspiration. Choose fabrics, choose jewellery and create spectacular and memorable outfits for the wedding, festive and even everyday image.