Wedding Dress Belt

“Style is created by details,” Coco Chanel said. And it is simply impossible to disagree with it. After all, even the simplest, restrained and strict clothes will play with new colours, if you pick the right accessories. The bride’s dress is not be an exception. Cleverly matched belt for a wedding dress easily completes the image and will give festive charm alongside.

What distinguishes the belt from other parts and accessories? The most important thing is its placement. Accentuating the waist or cleavage – everything is possible with the right hand-picked decoration.

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Bride Belt: types of the festive accessory

There are many varieties of belts for the dress. A variety of embroidery, patterns, decorative elements, as well as the ground on which the decor is made… Picking the one that is perfect for your dress style can be quite difficult. Wedding Style offers several varieties of belts in the catalog of online and offline store:

  • rhinestone belts,
  • belts with beads.

The main emphasis in this division is placed on the embroidery, which is placed on a wedding belt. In addition, it should be noted that most of the belts with Swarovski rhinestones are made on a satin ribbon. In turn, belts with beads and sequins have a mesh ground. Also, embroidery can be more heavy or almost weightless.

In addition to the standard white belt, the range of the store of wedding fabrics presents different shades of milk and belt with silver embroidery. In addition, you can always be befitting a bright accessory to the black evening outfit and complement the image with a beautiful embroidered black belt.

Ideas for the Use of the Wedding Belt

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How to apply the belt on the dress and create original wedding outfits? Let’s look at some of the most popular ideas.

  • On the waist. What does that give us? Decorating the wedding dress with a belt on the waist, we emphasise the beautiful body bend and the delicate silhouette of the girl. And, importantly, in addition to the beautiful festive effect, the belt at the waist helps to hide the joints of the corset and skirt.
  • Under the chest line. For what? Here everything is simple – to focus on the top of the dress. Therefore, choosing a style with an inflated waist, do not forget about the beautiful belt.
  • For the design of the straps. Thin belts with neat beaded embroidery will look winning as straps on the dress. A strong base of mesh and a small amount of embroidery will help to complete the image of the bride.
  • To decorate the edges of the dress, sleeves, veils. To complement the edge of the product it does not necessarily mean using only lace on the grid. Beautiful embroidered belts also very skilfully cope with this task. And if you choose a belt for this with feathers or fringe of beads – you are provided with an original and unique outfit.
  • For original accents. Want to draw attention to the cut-out on the back in a low-key classic satin dress? Or focus on the high cut of the skirt? We choose a belt and turn ideas into reality.
  • As a festive decoration. Using the belt you can create original wedding accessories. Choose a belt to decorate the hairstyle, bag, glasses, shoes, umbrella … We know that the flight of your imagination is limitless.

Choose the best belts for dresses in Ukraine

Embroidery with beads, pearls, rhinestones… Flowers, strict lines or chaotic scattering… More than 100 options for your ideal image can be bought in the online store Wedding Style. The wedding belt, presented in the range, is a guarantee of impeccable taste and luxurious image. All sewing elements are made of high-quality materials, do not change colour over time, do not darken and do not lose colour.

Affordable prices for wedding accessories

20 years of work in the wedding textile market allowed us to offer affordable prices and favourable terms of cooperation. So, you can buy a belt for a wedding dress piece by piece or packages (depending on the model). In addition, there is no minimum order amount. And each bride can choose the necessary accessory.

Check out the product and photo information on the site. And if there are questions – ask us in the mail or contact managers through the messenger buttons under the description of the product. And then buying a wedding belt will be easy, pleasant and not tiring with Wedding Style.