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Belt with rhinestones

Wedding image is not only a dress, hairstyle and makeup. It is a whole set of components, including details of wedding dress, mood and festive atmosphere. And we know that the belt with rhinestones will be able to subtly fit into the festive appearance.

Why use a stone-decorated belt? Here are a few points:

пояс со стразами

  • Dilute the austere classic silhouette. Swarovski stoned decoration will bring gloss and sophistication to the wedding look. Restrained dress of satin, tulle, mikado will perfectly complement the belt of rhinestone.
  • To accentuate the waist. Bright application of stones, made on a satin ribbon, will focus on the waist line of the bride and decorate a delicate female silhouette.
  • Use as a decor for a hairstyle. Ribbon with stones can serve you as a bandage on the hair and become an integral part of the wedding image.

Choose the right decor for a wedding dress

Wedding Style offers more than 20 models with impeccable design. To choose the right accessory, you need to know about the material on which the pattern is made. So, most of the rhinestones embroidery is created on a satin ribbon. And only for a few types it is used on the grid as a ground.

It should be noted that if you decide to decorate the belt with rhinestones, do not forget about the important factor – stones always create additional weight. Therefore, such a decorative element will not suit when decorating the hem of the skirt or the edge of the veil.

What colour do you like: white or milk, with silver embroidery or in the tone of fabric? In the catalog of wedding fabrics in the city of Chernivtsi you will find one that is right for you. In addition, there is an opportunity to buy a belt with rhinestones for an evening dress or costume. Beautiful black belts always look appropriate and solemn.

Buy with delivery in Ukraine

Picking accessories for a dress online can sometimes be difficult. After all, you want to see closer, touch the embroidery and consider the details. Therefore, if you decide to buy a belt with rhinestones in the online store Wedding Style, our managers will help with the choice.

Additional photos, videos or manufacturing information are required – please email the Contacts page. In addition, under each product there is an opportunity to write to our managers through messengers.