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Belt with beads for a wedding and an evening dress

Do I need a belt for a wedding dress or an evening outfit? Yes, if we want to emphasise the waist or focus on the necessary details of the outfit. Belt with beads will cope perfectly with this task. Or maybe you choose a thin belt for non-standard solutions? For example, it can be used to design straps of dresses, the edge of the veil or the bottom of the skirt.пояс с бисером

Belt embroidered with beads is a beautiful festive solution. Looking at the style of the dress, your preferences and style features you can choose an accessory among our range.

Choose a ready decoration option for a dress

Wedding belts will be a great accessory for your wedding image. Embroidered patterns, made on a solid ground, create a finished composition. Exquisite drawings and high quality work allows you to profitably and quickly give the outfit individuality. You only have to pick a belt with beads to make sure of the practicality of such a solution on your own experience.

What are the belts decorated with?

How to decorate a wedding dress belt? You will no longer have to look for the answer to this question if you decide to choose wedding belts in bulk from the online store Wedding Style. We offer you a wide range of decorative elements and only the best wedding fabrics in Ukraine.

What can be the decor on the embroidered belts? Beads, sequins, Swarovski rhinestones, pearls – a variety of embroidery can be picked specifically for your image. In addition, do not forget about the colour options. White or ivory, with embroidery in the tone of the dress or with silver accents? Or maybe a thin neat belt with a slight scattering of sequins? Any whim for your impeccable accessory.

пояс с бисорм бахромой

Also on our website you will find wedding belts of different widths. The online catalog offers a choice of thin stripes or wide heavy belts. The embroidery can be done exactly along the line or scattered across the entire width of the canvas. Choose belts with bead embroidery, which is thickly stitched, or vice versa light and almost weightless ribbons.

You should pay attention to belts with a fringe of beads or other hanging elements. Such decor will successfully decorate a dress, costume or even a hat. For inspiration, you can read an article about fabrics and decorations for dance costumes.

Where can you buy a belt with beads?

Expressive design for an evening dress or a delicate decoration of a wedding image… Use a ready-made belt to accentuate the figure, shine the product or complement any women’s outfit. Choose the original decor for the wedding dress.

In addition, you can buy a belt with beads with delivery in Ukraine. You just have to choose your favourite model. And managers of Wedding Style will help you pick the additional decorative elements or basic canvases.