Chantilly Lace

Chantilly lace wholesale in Wedding Style online store

More tender than gentle… This is what everyone who touches Chantilly lace will feel. The softness of the fabric, lightness and beautiful pattern will allow you to plunge into history and feel like an important nobleman.

Having gone beyond the French town of Chantilly, handmade lace has won the hearts of fashionistas all over the world. Chantilly lace was superior to other fabrics not only in quality, but also in the features of the pattern. Only wealthy families could afford such fabric with small details, delicate and sooty work, drawings made by eminent artists.

Today chantilly lace still remains at the peak of its popularity. In addition, hand work has been replaced by machine production, which makes it possible to buy chantilly lace at affordable prices. Online store “Wedding Style” is a great opportunity to choose a chantilly canvas or other wedding fabrics in Chernivtsi with delivery all over Ukraine.

Features and usage of chantilly lace

A wedding dress or evening outfit, complemented by chantilly lace, looks luxurious and royal. Whether it’s a classic silhouette, a boho-style dress or an inventive suit – eyelash lace will emphasize your impeccable taste.

What is chantilly lace? This is a sophisticated fabric that seems fragile. In fact, the technology of creating chantilly lace allows you to make the material strong enough, while the fabric remains transparent and light.

Since its invention, Chantilly lace has been used not only for decorating clothes, making various knickknacks, such as umbrellas, fans, hairpins, but also for furniture finishing or home textiles. Modern fashion trends and a wide range of eyelash lace make it possible to use it to create casual looks, spectacular festive outfits and seductive lingerie sets.

Chantilly lace and its varieties

Wedding Style catalog contains over 200 items of chantilly lace. There are several types of chantilly fabric for your choice:

  • embroidered chantilly lace;
  • corded chantilly lace;
  • embroidered corded chantilly lace;
  • plain allover chantilly lace or chantilly lace coupons,
  • appliquéd chantilly lace
  • plain chantilly trim,
  • embroidered chantilly trim,
  • corded chantilly trim,
  • colored chantilly lace.

Wholesale chantilly lace from Wedding Style online store is a great opportunity to create an inventive wedding dress that will certainly win every girl’s heart.

Create unique outfits with Wedding Style

High quality wedding fabrics will be your main assistants. Special technique of weaving chantilly lace makes the wedding dress a real work of art. A wide assortment of lace in different price categories makes it possible to buy fabric in Ukraine from the best world manufacturers.

Cooperation with Wedding Style gives you advantages in the process of creating a finished product. Indeed, in our catalog you will find the perfect chantilly lace. A lot of patterns, a variety of embroidery, bright or delicate color of the fabric … You can easily implement any whim, any design, you just have to buy chantilly lace in Wedding Style online store.

Are you in doubts about the choice?Are there any questions about the drawing, embroidery or other details of the product? Contact our managers and we will gladly help you to choose the fabric for sewing a unique wedding dress. In addition, we provide an opportunity to buy wholesale chantilly lace (details from managers) at affordable prices.