Embroidered Lace

Lace fabric as a constant trend in wedding fashion

Lace, like a small black dress, is always in trend. It is only necessary to choose the right form. This is a fabric that will be popular, despite the variability of wedding fashion. Lace for a wedding dress is a constant of fashionable wardrobe.

Having begun to occupy a leading position in the hearts of fashionistas since the 18th century, guipure lace remains there up to this day. Whether it is a collection of wedding dresses of 1950, or just declared trends of wedding fashion, – outfits made out of openwork canvas look spectacular in any era.

Luxurious, elegant and, at the same time, delicate image can be created using only the beauty of weaving lace fabric. The main thing is to pay attention to the fact that the style of the dress is ideal for your figure. Then this material will emphasise the natural beauty, unsurpassed taste and will play an important role in the holistic image.

Origins of lace

гипюровое свадебное платье королевы Виктории

How old is the lace on the grid? 100, 200 or much more? Of course, the canvas, in the form that we are used to seeing it, appeared relatively recently. But, at the same time, archaeologists find some details of the outfit with lace during excavations. And such finds are attributed to the times of ancient Egypt. Besides, it is also difficult to name the country where they first began to produce guipure.

So, it is often believed that the beginning of the guipure era in festive outfits was laid by the English Queen Victoria. In 1840, seamstress Jane Bidney and about a hundred of her fellow villagers sewed an impeccable wedding dress for her. For about 6 months the girls worked on lace. As a result, the snow-white royal outfit was decorated with a lush gully of guipure.

The Queen ordered the patterns to be destroyed. But this could not completely protect her from imitation. Following her, the brides began to order snow-white robes for wedding celebrations. This image of the girl became a symbol of purity and sincerity before the chosen one.

More than 20 years passed until the moment when it was possible to enrich the lace design. Victoria’s daughter-in-law, Princess Alexandra of Denmark, walked down the aisle in a dress with lush ruffles of English guipure. Gentle clouds of décor lay on the bodice and skirt, making the outfit extremely feminine. In addition, the princess did not forget about putting a note of patriotism into her wedding dress. The drawing of the lace combined plants-symbols of Great Britain: shamrock, rose and thistle.

In the XX century, Grace Kelly created a new standard of the wedding image. In 1956, the American actress became Princess of Monaco. For the wedding dress, she chose silk taffeta, crinoline and Brussels lace embroidered with pearls. At Grace’s request, her shoes and the Bible for the ceremony were also decorated with lace pattern.

Features of this fabric

What do you know about lace canvases, other than that they are insanely beautiful? We know everything about them. And we will gladly share the information with you. We will tell you how to choose, what to combine with and what species are distinguished. Thus, there will not be any problems for you when purchasing guipure fabric in Ukraine. After all, you are already on the right website.

To begin with, you should determine the features of lace canvases from the Wedding Style store:

  • thinness of the material. The ground of most lace canvases is Embroidery and all patterns are created by hand or by machine, sewn over the grid. In addition, there are guipures on organza or chantilly base;
  • strength of fabric. Despite the fact that the mesh is a thin material, this does not prevent it from having good strength. Therefore, even heavy embroidery does not stretch and tear the fabric;
  • wide range. Lace is not only luxurious wedding dresses, but also light delicate blouses, casual outfits and even underwear. It all depends on the type of fabric you choose;
  • high quality. All embroidery on the grid (threads, beads, sequins, stones, etc.) is made out of premium materials. This décor does not fade with time and does not change its colour during exploitation.

Advantages of using lace fabric

гипюр ткани

Among all the variety of wedding fabrics to create festive outfits, the lace is still more often used. Why? It is not difficult to answer this question at all. A dress with lace fabric is certainly beautiful. But not only this factor makes guipure fabrics so popular. The use of guipure helps:

  • reduce the amount of manual work on decorating the outfit,
  • simplify the process of sewing and combination of different types of fabric,
  • create a spectacular outfit using one type of material.

In addition, as we have said before, lace is an universal canvas. You just need to choose the right one among the entire range, and an unsurpassed product is guaranteed to you.

Varieties of lace fabrics in the range of the store

The Wedding Style catalog includes more than 800 models of lace. The product is divided into several varieties. To begin with, you should decide what type of lace you are looking for: embroidered or without embroidery, on a grid or macrame. So, we offer the following varieties of lace:

  • embroidered allover lace,
  • embroidered one sided lace,
  • embroidered double sided lace,
  • sequinned lace,
  • plain lace,
  • appliquéd lace,
  • macramé lace.

Regarding the colour scheme, you can choose wedding fabrics among white or shades of milk. In addition, there are variations of embroidery colours: silver décor or embroidered patterns in the tone of the ground. Do not miss the fact that in the assortment of the store you can pick luxurious fabrics for evening dresses. Black lace is simple and exquisite at the same time.

If you are in doubt which pattern to choose, or which guipure  will look better on your dress: one-sided, double-sided or allover. Our managers will be able to give advice, talk about the features of a particular type, pick a fabric for your design. Wedding fabrics from the store “Wedding Style” is not only a material for sewing, but also an opportunity to buy guipure of high European quality in Ukraine.

Key differences between different types of goods

гипюр для платья

As can be seen from our classification, we divided the lace into categories depending on the placement and type of embroidery, as well as the presence or absence of a ground. Let’s add a few words about the placement of patterns on the fabric.

Embroidered one-sided lace: a lot of embroidery is concentrated on one edge of the fabric. And as the coupon grows upwards, the amount of decor decreases.

Embroidered double-sided lace: you can conditionally divide the lace into 2 halves. Guipure basically has the same edges, and the embroidery itself is mirrored.

Allover lace: floral or abstract patterns are evenly arranged on the canvas. Pattern – along the entire width of the fabric.

Lace with light embroidery: lighter fabric options. For decoration do not use beads and rhinestones. From embroidery – only combinations of threads and sequins.

Plain lace: these are fabrics without decorative elements. In this case, special attention should be paid to the threads. So, polyester threads have a neat shine. In addition, embroidery can be made with materials with a matte effect.

Appliquéd lace: some of the most luxurious variations of fabric you can find in this subcategory. Bright 3D elements will help to embody the most intricate ideas.

Macramé lace: these fabrics perfectly complement a boho wedding. Also, macramé canvases are suitable for light evening dresses or casual outfits.

A few tips on how to choose a fabric

Cute neat flowers on the lace fabric look romantic, clear lines give the image conciseness, and wavy smooth curves make the image more elegant. Guipure for a wedding dress today can be completely different. A variety of drawings will help to emphasise the mood and set the tone for the whole festive outfit.

Buying lace will not be any problem today. The main thing is to pay attention to the density and texture. Lace can be weightless and respond to light breath of the wind, or vice versa heavy and poorly draped. So, dense guipure goes well with durable materials. And translucent wedding canvases will look perfect with airy chiffon or silk.

Buy with delivery to Kiev and Ukraine

If you are in Kiev, Kharkov, Lviv or any other part of Ukraine, then you can get lace from Wedding Style using the services of a transport company. Only 1-2 days – and the lace, which you dreamed of will be in your hands.

Time of delivery of goods abroad will take a little longer. For more information, we recommend contacting the managers or the company’s e-mail. The cost and time of delivery will depend on the volume of the parcel and the destination point.

Features of buying goods at retail

There is no minimum purchase amount for a retail order. You can buy lace from +/- 30 cm The minimum allowable cut depends on the location of the pattern and the density of the embroidery. Please note, if the fabric is very densely sewn, then it is released in certain segments per meter.

Special conditions of wholesale orders

гипюр ткань оптом

There is never such thing as too much lace. We are sure that there will always be an opportunity and a reason to use this type of fabrics. By buying lace canvases in bulk, you also get favourable prices. If the necessary lace is not available, you can place an individual order. More detailed information can be found from our managers. Lace fabric wholesale is an opportunity to create bright wedding dresses with minimal labor costs and at suitable prices.

Trusted suppliers for flawless results

You can buy lace fabrics in Ukraine by visiting the store Wedding Style. Pleasant price, high quality and fast delivery will pleasantly surprise you. Buying fabrics wholesale from our online store will be a profitable cooperation. The advantages of working with us:

  • the company «Wedding Style» works only with trusted manufacturers of wedding fabrics;
  • we monitor fashion trends to know what will be relevant in the upcoming wedding season;
  • we focus on the needs of the client;
  • lace, which you can buy in bulk in our store, is made using high-quality materials. Strong thread that does not change its colour, sequins with a long shining effect, beads and pearls of natural shades with a beautiful shine and a dense coating. This is what lace should be for a dream wedding dress.