Embroidered allover lace
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Luxurious lace embroidered with beads and sequins

Beads of different shapes, sequins in several sizes, rhinestones, pearls and other decorative elements can be found on our fabrics. Embroidered lace from Wedding Style is a large assortment and high quality of materials. Allover canvas is demanded among designers and brides. Scintillating, rich embroidery adds gloss and luxury to the finished product.

Beautiful bridal fabrics are the perfect base for a unique wedding or evening look. Would you like to buy embroidered floral lace fabric? Or are you looking for an inventive, nude abstraction? Any whim can be realized by choosing allover embroidered laces.

Choosing high quality lace

By the time, the finished dress is released, the embroidered lace fabric undergoes many tests. Transportation, packing, unpacking, cutting, sewing, and a dozen fittings …  It is important to choose high-quality lace, so you don’t be upset, because of final look of the fabric. Wedding Style Company offers you high quality lace fabric at affordable prices.

Thus, all decorative elements are securely sewn to the fabric. Such lace will not crumble while working with it. In addition, the quality of the decor plays an important role. Beads, pearls and sequins on our fabrics will not change their color over time, will not crumble or lose their sheen.

The embroidered allover laces that you will find on the pages of our online store are the largest assortment of wedding fabrics in Ukraine. A variety of designs and reliable fabric suppliers make lace fabrics in demand and popular.

White embroidered lace fabrics are fabrics for delicate and elegant outfits

Translucent base and sewn-on decorative elements create the perfect design. Thanks to the variety of fabrics on the shelves of our store, you can sew an outfit of any model for any occasion. It is easy to create a casual or festive look if you buy embroidered lace wholesale in Ukraine with delivery. Which image do you want to embody – delicate or bright? What pattern will your perfect elegant dress have? You can use embroidered lace in completely different ways. Making a dress with fabrics from Wedding Style will be an exciting and alluring adventure for you.

Buy embroidered lace fabric online in Ukraine

It is easy and convenient to place an order online. The website presents the best lace fabric in Ukraine. More than 100 designs, rich embroidery and trendy patterns – you can buy all the fabrics wholesale and profitably in just one click. Professional managers will help you with the choice, tell about the features of using select additional decorative elements.

Cooperation with Wedding Style is a pleasant service, attentive staff and a unique opportunity to buy expensive embroidered lace in Ukraine.