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Embroidered lace in Ukraine

A beautiful openwork canvas with a double-sided coupon pattern is an universal material. Such canvases are ideal both for the image for a festive celebration, and for decorating the elements of everyday clothes. Several types of beads and sequins, a combination of threads in different colours create a bright pattern on the canvas. Embroidered lace in the online store Wedding Style – a high quality fabric for a spectacular and flawless image.

кружевное полотно

Embroidered lace canvases are incredibly popular among designers. We offer to visit our lace store to get acquainted with fabrics that meet world fashion trends. You can buy lace fabric on a grid in white or milk colour, make an order for materials in bulk or choose lace per meter.

Features of lace

What distinguishes embroidered double-sided lace from other openwork canvases? The main feature of such fabrics are the same edges of the canvas. If you fold the fabric in half, you will see that the pattern looks the same on one side and the other. Fabrics with a double-sided coupon create a mirror effect. In the process of work the fabric can be divided in half and get two pieces with the same pattern.

Depending on the height of the coupon, lace fabric is used to design a corset, skirt, sleeves, and so on. Decorating a festive outfit along with lace fabrics from Wedding Style creates a wide field for your creativity. One has only to buy lace for a dress and you will get high-quality canvases at affordable prices.

Varieties of lace patterns

Patterns on the fabric are a reflection of the mood and internal state of the bride. Whether it’s beautiful huge buds, small floral weaves or solid abstraction… Each of the proposed options looks great on a wedding dress.

The range of the online store Wedding Style is an immense field for your creativity. Double-sided coupon drawings create beautiful ornaments on the canvas. According to this, we divide the patterns of lace cloth into several types:

  • floristry,
  • geometry
  • monogram,
  • abstraction.

In addition, the fabrics are represented by embroidery in several versions:

  • embroidery ivory in the colour of fabric,
  • white embroidery in the colour of the canvas,
  • silver décor on ivory lace or white,
  • mix of decorative elements.

Advantages of lace fabric

кружевное полотно двустороннее

Openwork fabric – the material is quite thin. But the method of production using natural and synthetic threads made it possible to make the lace cloth durable. So, lace has certain advantages that make it attractive and demanded in the modern world.


Advantages of embroidered lace:

  • high air permeability,
  • it is easy to give the product a solemn look, resorting only to lace,
  • attractive texture of fabric and appearance of the material,
  • a wide variety of drawings,
  • versatility (can be used both for weekend outfits and for finishing everyday wardrobe),
  • the possibility of choosing a lace cloth with cotton in the composition,
  • high strength,
  • a variety of patterns and colours.

Double-sided coupon lace from the manufacturer

You can buy embroidered lace in the online store Wedding Style wholesale or retail. High quality fabrics and decorative elements (beads, sequins, rhinestones) are guaranteed by the best manufacturers of wedding textiles. A trusting relationship that has been built over the years gives you the opportunity to get the best fabrics in short time. So, you can buy lace for a dress in a wedding fabric store in Chernivtsi or order with delivery in Ukraine.

Please note that you can always contact our managers to clarify your queries. If you need a large meter of lace in bulk, we can place a wholesale order specially for you. Wedding fabrics wholesale from the Wedding Style store is your guarantee of high-quality material for perfect outfits.

What to do if the necessary lace is not available?

Didn’t find the right pattern or colour? And perhaps the canvases you need are over? In this case, we offer to make a special wholesale order. We will bring the necessary lace fabrics on your individual request. In addition, you can create a sample of fabric with your own ornament, in the colour you need and the desired length.

Conditions of wholesale individual orders, minimum batches of lace cloth and other details specify through e-mail or managers.