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Lace wedding dresses are a combination of tenderness and festivity in one product. And a significant role in this is played by embroidered lace. Beautiful canvases with coupon drawings create an impressive effect on the finished outfit. Beads, sequins, rhinestones – each decorative element gives the canvas wealth and luxury. Lace fabric presented on our website is the perfect design, many patterns and high quality.

Wedding Style materials will give you pleasure during the workflow. Lace with one-sided coupon gives you the opportunity to combine fabrics with additional décor, such as applications or rhinestones. The main thing is to choose the desired picture. And fabrics with lace will certainly help to create a wedding dress that will become a bright accent of the entire wedding image.

Features of fabric with one-sided coupon

кружевная ткань

What is the difference between a fabric with an one-sided coupon pattern and other embroidered canvases? The most important feature of the canvas with an one-sided coupon is the placement of the pattern. Embroidery is concentrated in one part of the canvas, which creates a beautiful effect. In addition, the fabric is easy to divide into separate elements and create its own unique design.

It is worth noting the fact that all the patterns are made on a strong elastic mesh. So even the heaviest embroidery will not deform the lace fabric. On the contrary, the lace will be obedient during work and will not create additional difficulties. And lace fabrics of high quality together with your design ideas = an impeccable result and a bride ready to conquer everyone.

What are the other features of lace fabric for a dress with a one-sided pattern that can be distinguished:

  • easy to combine with light and dense tissues,
  • successfully combined with applications and other lace,
  • one edge of the canvas is much heavier than the other, which must be taken into account in the process of work.

Do you doubt the need to buy lace fabric with an one-sided coupon? Put aside all doubts and check out our catalog. The largest selection of dense and durable lace fabric in Ukraine will please and surprise you.

How much does the lace fabric cost?

The cost of lace fabric on the dress in the Wedding Style catalog starts from $5 per meter. In addition, the price of lace at the time of purchase is affected by the amount of material needed. If you are interested in the opportunity to buy lace fabrics for the dress at wholesale prices, please contact our managers for more information.

It is also worth correlating the price of the canvas with the amount of embroidery on it. Densely embroidered lace fabric with a lot of beads, sequins and rhinestones will cost more than lighter openwork canvases. But here it is necessary to decide what effect in the image you want to create. And then – choose a lace fabric.

Properties of an openwork materialткань кружево

Stitches in the air – in the 16th century in Italy, the so-called openwork material. After all, the openwork in its original form was light, airy and translucent. Today we have a huge number of varieties of lace fabric. But some properties of the canvas remain unchanged:

  • luxurious appearance,
  • all-season,
  • air permeability,
  • transparency,
  • form stability,
  • versatility

Let’s take a closer look

The appearance of lace fabric is an important advantage of the product in this category. High-quality ground and décor will help to transform any outfit with the help of only one lace with a one-sided coupon

All-season. Openwork canvases can be used in the warm and cold season. It is only necessary to choose the basic fabrics for combination.

Breathability and transparency. The mesh base allows air to circulate quietly. But, thus, it is necessary to use lace fabric together with the lining or other grounds.

Form stability. Lace fabric is not stretched or deformed under the weight of embroidery and in the process of wearing.

Versatility. You can sew almost everything from lace fabric: wedding dresses, evening dresses, suits and overalls, blouses, skirts, shorts, capes, underwear and so on. In addition, lace is used to decorate home interior décor items and other design inventions.

Best deals from Wedding Style

To buy lace fabrics wholesale or per meter is easy and simple. You can visit our store of wedding fabrics in Chernivtsi or buy embroidered lace in the online store Wedding Style. Long-term cooperation with leading manufacturers of wedding textiles gives us the opportunity to order the best fabrics and set wedding trends. Want to be on the crest of a wave? We will be happy to help you. And just choose embroidered lace fabrics for the dress, click buy – and your order is in our basket.

Lace materials for wedding or evening attire are available to order from +/- 30cm. The width of the minimum allowable cut depends on the width of the coupon. In addition, even if you are in Kiev, Dnipro, Lviv or Kharkov, it is very easy to order fabrics and get it in the shortest possible time. Delivery of orders in Ukraine from the offline store is carried out every day. The conditions for sending goods abroad are decided individually.

Need help, a hint or want to clarify the details? Managers are in touch with you. Choose wedding fabrics wholesale for your outfit or buy lace fabrics for a new collection – for us there are no obstacles. Choose lace fabric, and we will help you understand the details.