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Extraordinary lace with embroidery and sequins

Lace with sequins fabric is your compromise between heavily embroidered fabrics and fabrics without embroidery. You can easily get a beautiful sheen of the finished outfit using only embroidered lace. Wedding Style invites you to buy lace fabric with sequins for every taste. You can find light scattering of sequins all over the canvas or heavier fabric options.

What do you prefer the most: geometric or floral pattern, or, maybe, abstraction? You can find all this in our online store. A large assortment of bridal lace fabric with sequins will help you to embody ideas for an elegant and delicate wedding dress. It will be easy and simple to buy embroidered lace in Ukraine, as you are already on the right page. After examining our catalog, you will definitely have a desire to sew the perfect wedding or evening dress immediately.

Features of lace fabric

Embroidered lace remains consistently popular among designers, brides and anyone interested in fashion. Simplicity and festivity in one material is exactly what lace embroidered with sequins perfectly combines. Using this fabric makes the dress aesthetically perfect. Should you buy bridal lace with sequins? Definitely, yes. After all, the sparkling of sequins on your dress, suit, skirt, blouse and other wardrobe components will not leave your image unattended for a single second.

Lace embroidered with sequins – create your own unique festive look!

You can buy wholesale wedding fabrics from Wedding Style store with delivery all over Ukraine. Having placed an order on the website, you choose the best fabrics for your look. So, lace on a dress with sequins is a high quality decorative element. Our lace material with sequins will always help you in the process of creating a unique festive look, due to the fabric’s perfect look, sequins sewn to the canvas and variety of patterns.

How to place a wholesale order?

It is easy and affordable to buy lace fabric wholesale or retail. Long-term experience on the wedding textile market enables us to offer favorable terms of cooperation.

So, for example, we do not have a minimum order amount. You can buy lace with sequins as 1 meter or a whole roll. Of course, the price per meter will be different. When buying a roll of fabric or making a large order, our managers will provide you with wholesale prices.

Moreover, you can ask us for help when searching for an embroidered canvas. If you are interested in the spacing of the pattern or you cannot choose between similar fabrics, we are always ready to advise you. ТМ Wedding Style is your reliable supplier of wedding fabrics in Ukraine.