Lace on a grid in Ukraine

How to decorate a dress? What is the edge of the veil made of? What kind of fabric to use on wedding straps? If you’ve asked at least one of these questions, then you’ve found what you need. After all, in all of the above cases, you can use lace on a grid.

Embroidery on the grid as a convenient material for décor

A thin, sturdy mesh base allows you to create the most original patterns. A variety of decorative elements are often used for such purposes. So what is used for embroidery on the grid:
lace on a grid

  • A combination of threads of different colours or shades,
  • Beads,
  • Sequins,
  • Pearls,
  • Rhinestones,
  • 3D flowers.

The article of the product and its deciphering often allows you to understand what kind of decor was used for the design of the fabric. F – these are sequins, B – beads, A – overhead decor, D – different tones of threads.

Using lace on the grid to decorate the dress or other items of wardrobe is really convenient. First, you get a ready-made embroidered fabric. Secondly, on the Wedding Style website you can find lace with mirror embroidery. This lace on the grid is easy to divide into 2 separate elements and to apply when decorating the paired details of the outfit. Thirdly, the scope of this type of fabric is quite wide. So, let’s talk about it further.

How to use a trim on tulle

The many patterns and sizes of lace on the grid allows you to use it for almost any purpose. Buying just one pack of lace material on the grid, you can decorate different parts of the outfit.

dress decoration with lace on the mesh

To begin with, Wedding Style recommends to discard all prejudices of the use of lace trims, and then – to carefully examine our catalog. We are sure that the lace on tulle is something to introduce to you in a new light. And then the dress finish will be an ideal platform for creativity.

For example, for the edge of the dress you can use embroidered lace, or embroidered trim with overhead flowers. Decorate the bottom of the veil or the edge of the cape – for these purposes the plain lace trim will be ideal. And if you doubt whether it will be better to buy: lace on the grid with or without embroidery, then the win-win option will be a trim with sequins.

On any part of the dress a narrow lace in the technique of macrame looks original. You can even use a beautiful texture macrame to finish the edge of the wedding towels.

Use lace on the mesh for spectacular accents and combinations with different fabrics for the bride’s dress. In addition, especially narrow options are often used for the design of straps or sleeves of non-standard form.

A successful solution will be the purchase of lace on the grid for original wedding accessories and jewelry. The range of the store offers a choice of milk and white shades with embroidery. Also popular are the types of narrow lace with silver decor. For evening images you can pick a fabric with black embroidery.

Types of lace on the grid in the range of the Wedding Style store

How to use lace as a decor we have already figured out. But what are the types of narrow lace that should be considered in more detail. To begin with, it is worth highlighting the types of the grounds on which the embroidery is made. So, the drawing can be created on:

  • grid,
  • tulle,
  • crystal cloth,
  • without a ground.

types of lace on the grid

Given grounds have different density, softness and strength.

The types of embroidery can be distinguished:

  • Embroidered trim,
  • A trim without embroidery,
  • Lace on a grid with overhead flowers,
  • Lace only with sequins,
  • Lace side macrame.

Each type of fabric has its own features, its charm and scopes.

By the placing of the pattern on the fabric:

  • mirror lace,
  • with a pattern in a row.

An embroidered belt deserves a special attention, that is also presented in the catalog of the online store Wedding Style.

Buy with delivery in Ukraine

Years of experience and cooperation with well-known manufacturers of wedding fabrics allows us to be ahead of modern trends. Thus, you have the opportunity to buy wedding fabrics in bulk at affordable prices and create outfits that will set fashion trends. In addition, high quality products and a lot of goods will help you choose everything you need to sew a flawless festive outfit. Narrow trims or belts for wedding dresses – pick all the necessary details in one store.

lace on the net with delivery in Ukraine

Choosing lace per meter

On the pages of our online store you can find one of the widest ranges of lace on the tulle in Ukraine. A feature of the purchase of this type of fabric is the packaging of packages of a certain meter. Each package of goods has its own meter. In the description you will be able to find an estimated number of meters available for one-time purchase. The exact minimum meter available for purchase can be checked with the manager.

It is worth noting that we do not specify the minimum amount of purchase. Therefore, you can easily buy lace on the grid from 1 pack, 1 meter, 1 piece, depending on the chosen position.

Favorable conditions when buying in bulk

Buying in bulk is always profitable. More affordable prices and the status of a wholesale buyer plays an important role in working relationships. Wedding Style has been working in the field of wedding textiles for more than 20 years to offer you the best range, modern innovations and bargain prices. And if you decide to make a wholesale order and buy lace on the grid – then our managers will tell you all the details and benefits.

Choose fabrics from Wedding Style and keep up with trends with us.