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3D Lace trim in a wedding dres

3D lace on a wedding dress looks incredibly festive and spectacular. Beautiful voluminous details attract a lot of attention. Therefore, it is necessary to apply the trim with an overhead flower using a surgical precision during the decoration of the wedding dress. Draw in detail not only individual elements, but also the image as a whole. After you will look solemn, gentle and stylish at the same time. The trims with flowers will be a bright and unforgettable accent of the wedding dress.

How to choose a trim with an overhead flower

Wedding fabrics TM ‘Wedding Style’ – these are your masterpieces from the first minutes of cutting. In our catalog you will find 3D lace with flowers of different sizes. It will be small flowers, which almost do not stand out against the background of the ground, as well as large overhead flowers.

3д кружево

Choose that narrow lace that will emphasise your design, your personality and will focus on your wedding dress. After all, trims with overhead flowers in the bride’s outfit are like red lipstick in makeup. This is a bright accent that will not go unnoticed and will help to complete the wedding image.

How to choose 3D lace for a flawless look? Here are some tips:

            1. Build a whole wedding dress concept. Determine the colour (white or ivory) and style.
            2. Draw a dress (yourself or with a designer) with all the details. So it will be easier for you to decide what 3D lace is needed.
            3. Explore the entire range and all the offers. Do not discard feathers or embroidered roses from the start. Sometimes the ideal is the decoration which was not thought of before.
            4. Notice the quality of the embroidery. Beads, rhinestones, sequins, pearls, even threads and mesh play an important role for the overall appearance of lace.
            5. Pick 3D lace along with the main fabric.

Delivery of narrow lace in Ukraine

You can buy a narrow lace with overhead flowers in the online store Wedding Style. A large range, ease of ordering online, high quality goods guarantee you pleasant purchases. The world’s best manufacturers of wedding fabrics provide materials that correspond to all fashion trends. So you get the opportunity to buy trims with overhead flowers in bulk in Ukraine.

3D кружево

By choosing an online store Wedding Style, flexible conditions, favourable prices and quality fabrics become available for you. Trims with overhead flowers for a wedding dress will be a successful purchase to create a luxurious and expensive outfit for the bride. In addition, we offer you prompt execution of the order and the opportunity to make a purchase with delivery all over Ukraine.

Wedding Style invites for a mutually beneficial cooperation

A wedding trim with overhead flowers has a beautiful texture and relief. Such features make it desirable among designers and brides. After all, dresses with the right voluminous details become masterpieces. They remain in the hearts of more than one generation of fashionistas. Dress for weddings with 3D lace – this is something that will never go out of fashion.

Therefore, if you want to get into the trend or just create a masterpiece, you should buy an trim with 3D embroidery for a wedding dress or evening dress in our online store. Thus, you will get a mutually beneficial cooperation and the largest selection of wedding fabrics. Wedding Style will be a reliable assistant and associate for you to develop and promote your wedding business.