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Corded lace trim for a wedding dress

Delicate light clothing without bright embroidery and voluminous elements… Or a lush tulle skirt and a corset with clear beautiful lines. Is it how you imagine the perfect wedding dress? Are you afraid that the outfit will look boring and simple? You don’t even have to think about it. After all, corded lace trim is the best solution to create a spectacular festive image and a way not to resort to abundant decor.

Why is the trim with a cording yarn so popular? It would seem, simple embroidery, no glitter, no additional elements. But often beauty lies in simplicity. Especially since the edge with the cord is not so inconspicuous as it seems.

You should take a closer look at the trim to see all the charms of the fabric. Let’s highlight a few qualities:

  • a clear picture. The cording yarn, which is decorated with lace, makes the drawing well readable;
  • attention to the pattern. Since the lace is without decor, the drawing should be thoughtful and original;
  • high quality materials. The quality of the cording yarn and accuracy in the work play a special role in this case. A good thread will not be tossed and looks excellent.

Trims with cord: various applications

платье с кордовым кружевом

Corded lace trim can be called universal. It looks appropriate on both festive and everyday outfits. In addition, the fabric itself is light and neat, which allows you to use it for any purpose. For example:

  • for the design of a corset wedding/evening/children’s dress;
  • to frame the edge of the veil, the hem of the skirt, the cuffs of the sleeves;
  • to decorate blouses, shirts, women’s costume;
  • to decorate wedding accessories (umbrellas, pillows for rings, etc.).

As you can see, if you buy a trim with cording yarn, you can use it as you like. For example, a beautiful and gentle veil in the colour of ivory with the corded lace trim on the edge looks beautiful. And, importantly, even if the veil will be long and made in a few layers, it will still not be heavy.

It is worth remembering that to pick a side with a cord on a wedding dress should be done with a special accuracy. The shade of the lace edge should be as much (even better if the tone is in tone) approximate to the main fabric of the outfit. Otherwise you run the risk of getting a beautiful, but not harmonious ready-made image.

Lace varieties with a cording yarn in the Wedding Style range

To throw away the stress of choosing, we divided the corded lace trim with according to several factors:

  1. Width
  2. Specularity
  3. Colour

In width we distinguish such varieties of lace:

  • narrow (up to 35 cm),
  • wide (over 35 cm).

кружево с кордом ac11323

The specularity of the trim is an opportunity to make 2 mirrored from one segment. So, mostly lace with a mirror pattern has a large width. Picking one piece of this fabric can easily decorate the symmetrical elements, dividing the lace. Or use a solid trim for the original design, for example, a corset.

The colour of the corded lace trim in the Wedding Style range is your space for creativity. You can pick a white or milk trim for a wedding dress. In addition, the alternative choice is a lace trim in gold, lilac and yellow.

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