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Lace with beads for the dress

Embroidered trim on tulle is the final detail for your wedding outfit. Decorate the edge of the veil, skirt, sleeves and create a laconic design with the help of lace with beads. The beautiful finish of the outfit guarantees you a gorgeous look throughout the festive day. A neat pattern on a dense mesh, decoration sequins, beads and rhinestones, affordable price – embroidered lace trim will be your key to an elegant wedding dress.

What effect do you want to create? Add a bright accent or give a light charm to the whole image? Depending on your preferences, you can choose a lace  embroidered trim among our range. The large selection of products available will surprise you. You can order online or visit a store in Chernivtsi to buy wedding fabrics in Ukraine.

How to use an embroidered trim?

The embroidered lace trim will turn your finished product into a real work of art. Dense ground, variety of embroidery will be the ideal material for you in the process of sewing a wedding or an evening attire. How to use lace with beads?

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  • On the hem of the skirt. Such a detail will become a beautiful point in the whole image. Patterns on the trim can echo the main ornament of the wedding dress. Our managers will help you pick similar drawings.
  • On the sleeves. It all depends on the length of the sleeves and the width of the lace. Short down sleeves, made of narrow lace will look original and special. In addition, the long wide sleeve will beautifully complement the trim, embroidered with beads.
  • On the belt. You can cover the joints of the corset and skirt or pay attention to the waist line, if you buy lace with beads in Ukraine. Choose a wide or narrow lace from the Wedding Style store and create the effect you need.
  • On the edge of the veil. Among the range of embroidered wedding narrow lace can be found a trim with embroidery to decorate the veil. Such embroidery should not be particularly heavy, so as not to deprive the veil of lightness and airiness.
  • On the straps. Choose a narrow embroidered lace in Ukraine with a non-standard design to create beautiful straps on a wedding or an evening attire. In addition, such a small detail will be able to bring a twist to your everyday image.
  • As an additional element for decorating the product. You can apply embroidered lace perfectly as you please. Decorate the neckline, cut-out on the back or skirt, cut into separate elements and sew in an arbitrary order on the dress … Be guided only by your creative and designer’s

Features of this kind of lace

Lace trim with a lot of embroidery can often be called a separate form of art. The combination of decorative elements and their laying on the fabric create a flawless pattern. White or milk trim, gold or silver embroidery is a huge modern springboard for creativity.

For a better understanding of the trim with beads embroidered, one should highlight the inherent features:

  • The complexity of the pattern
  • The relief of the fabric
  • The weight of lace braid
  • A luxurious look
  • Wide field of use.

What does the cost of embroidered lace depend on?

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Analysing the range of online store Wedding Style, you can notice a wide price range. What is the cost and why are the prices so different. It’s pretty easy to explain. The price of the embroidered trim depends on the width of the lace, the quantity and quality of embroidery, the trend of patterns and the complexity of the work.

Naturally, manual work on lace is much more expensive than machine embroidery. But it is these fabrics from which luxurious outfits in the hands of designers and seams are created.

Conditions for buying lace with beads

Choosing a trim for a wedding dress can be difficult and very responsible. We try to make it easier for you to choose and create favourable conditions for your purchases. So, in our online store you can pick the lace you need.

We take photos of all the patterns and details so that you can have a look of our products online. In addition, our catalog has all the necessary information about the size of the lace trim. And if you need help or additional details, we are waiting for your messages in the mail or in messengers.

To buy a wedding trim in Ukraine with delivery and at bargain prices you can access the online store Wedding Style. The high quality of the canvas and decorative elements will surprise you. Choose the best embroidered trim in Ukraine and create unique festive masterpieces.