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Macramé trim

Light and gentle, but at the same time, quite dense and relief… All this characterises the narrow lace macrame. Beautiful drawings, mostly with floral motifs, create a festive image with only one presence on the finished product. The special technique of knotted weave and a wide range of macrame use makes this type of trim widely in demand. Trim macrame is the perfect decor for your wedding, evening or casual attire.

Buying lace macrame while in Ukraine will not be a problem. But here remains one complex important criterion: high quality fabric. And to do this, you need to find the right online store.

If you got to the website Wedding Style, then the best wedding fabrics are almost in your hands. Choose the necessary drawings among the range of lace macrame and create an outfit with a beautiful festive decor.

Features of openwork trim

Lace, made in the technique of macrame, will become a practical material for decorating both festive and everyday attire. In addition, the openwork trim  can be used to decorate the elements of the décor.  So, what are the features of macrame lace? Let’s figure it out.

кружево макраме

  • The delicate lace macrame has high strength, despite the refined design. Natural threads are often used to create lace of this design. Synthetic fibers are also added to them. This combination of threads gives macrame fabrics all the advantages of natural and blend materials. Thus, the trim macrame has a high breathability, does not cause allergies, but, at the same time, does not require special care.
  • Narrow lace macrame fits organically into almost any style of clothing. Whether you’re creating an eco-style image, or you want to give sophistication to the classic outfit, the delicate trim will suit you anyway. It is only important to choose the right drawing and correctly place the accents in the outfit.

Where is macrame used

Thanks to the characteristics, macrame can be used for almost any need. Here are a few ideas for inspiration:

  • the design of the corset. How exactly to decorate the corset is your vision. For example, you can decorate the neckline, distribute all over the bodice or divide into separate elements and combine with other fabrics;
  • sleeve decoration. Stitch the macrame on the sleeves cuffs or create straps falling off the shoulders. In any case, the dress of lace macrame will look special and luxurious;
  • the hem of the dress. A short or long dress will look completely new if you decorate it using a macrame fabric. Choose the fishnet trim of the necessary width (the width of the lace is indicated in the description) to bring creative ideas into life;
  • decorating the items of the wedding ceremony. For example, you can buy a trim macrame for wedding towels, decorate a pillow under the rings or decorate glasses or wedding invitations.

Buy with delivery in Ukraine

детское платье с кружевом макраме

Modern technology creates many convenient opportunities for us. So, even if you want to buy lace macrame in Kiev, but the store of wedding fabrics is located in Chernivtsi, it will not be a problem. Wedding Style offers lace in a wide range and with prompt delivery in Ukraine. Choose the best fabrics from famous manufacturers of wedding textiles.

Purchase terms of lace in bulk and retail

We have already met the advantages and features of macrame lace. Now you just need to study our catalog, pick a beautiful pattern and experiment. And we will offer you the best versions of wedding textiles at affordable prices.

It is worth noting that the lace macrame can be bought from 1 package with the specified meterage. And if you are interested in lace in bulk, then contact us for more information and wholesale prices.

Choose a narrow lace macrame, make an order online or visit our store in the city of Chernivtsi. Do not be afraid to experiment with decor to create unique magical images.