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Lace with sequins

Choosing an embroidered trim to create an exquisite design is not easy. It is necessary to fit in one lace all the advantages of finishing. So, the embroidered trim should have a beautiful delicate pattern, light shine, look restrained, but, at the same time, festive. And we know which element to pick so that all the requirements are met. Lace with sequins will be your main assistant. With such a sophisticated material, of course, you can easily give the outfit both elegance and brevity. It remains only to choose the colour – white or ivory – and go! Create a flawless wedding dress.

Sequins – light and delicate material for decor

Careful light shine or almost imperceptible radiance – it all depends on the choice of decor. Sequins can be different: large, small, matte, transparent or the colour of the ground. And these characteristics set the intensity of brilliance.

It is worth remembering, whatever sequins are used for the design of lace, one important fact remains unchanged. This decor is an universal and a relevant solution for a beautiful festive outfit.

Lace with sequins is almost always appropriate. After all, the absence of beads or voluminous elements makes it delicate, but bright at the same time. Therefore, if you want to decorate the outfit, but are afraid to overdo it, stop on the choice of the sequin lace.

How to use a trim with sequins

How and where is the lace embroidered with sequins used? Absolutely any details of the wedding dress can be decorated, if you pick up the right lace. Let’s give just a few examples.

кружево с пайетками для декора


  • A classic solution is to draw the hem of the dress or the edge of the veil. Since lace does not have a heavy embroidery, the finished product will be still as light and airy. High trim or narrower options – Wedding Style offers a large selection of wedding trims.
  • Use an embroidered trim for the wedding dress to decorate the cuff sleeves. The trend for voluminous sleeves, obviously, has long settled on the fashionable catwalks. And we propose to apply a narrow lace with sequin to create original cuffs or decoration of the entire sleeve. In addition, with the help of a small width trim, you can decorate the sleeves on blouses, sweaters or discreet dresses.
  • The trim of the belt and corset will look original, if you resort to an embroidered lace. Such decoration will create a charming image. After all, the corset or belt will shine beautifully, but at the same time, almost no embroidery will be visible. The effect of the fabric glistening on its own will be created.

Buy with delivery in Ukraine

The modern world gives us many opportunities. Now it often does not matter where the store is. And in order to pick a lace with sequins for a dress you do not need to go anywhere. Wedding Style offers quick delivery of fabric in Ukraine. Plenty of options for designers and brides, trendy patterns and lace of different sizes. Choose the necessary fabric for the design of a wedding dress or of other items in the wardrobe. A wide range and prompt delivery give the opportunity to make a purchase without being distracted from your own worries.

The best prices for lace embroidered with sequins

Wedding lace in Ukraine is presented in different performances and in different price categories. If you are looking for a place to buy an embroidered  trim profitably, then in the online store Wedding Style you will find a suitable option. Floral motifs or abstract drawings, wide trim or narrow lace – choose the best options at affordable prices.

Check out our product catalog. For convenience, you can sort positions by price. So, your purchase will be more profitable and accurate. Many products are available or customisation of an individual order – we offer different options for cooperation. In addition, you can buy lace with sequins in bulk or retail. Make an order online or contact the manager for detailed information to buy wedding fabrics in Ukraine profitably and with delivery.