Shiny fabrics in the range of the Wedding Style store

Shiny fabrics fascinate brides all around the world and at all times. The gorgeous surface, on which the rays of sun play, makes the wedding dress extremely festive. And what is important, both a long dress made of shiny fabric and a short wedding outfit will look beautiful and solemn.

We invite you to experience a little festive atmosphere and look at the fabrics with glitter from Wedding Style. What will be interesting in the video review:

  • you can find out what shiny fabrics are presented in the catalog of the onlinestore;
  • you will see how certain fabrics behave;
  • you will get direct links to buy a shiny fabric for the dress.

Crepe Sateen as one of the options of fabric with gloss

The fabric of crepe sateen is a material that combines within itself all of the privileges of crepe and sateen. Such fabric appears to be elastic, smooth and crease-resistant. The front side of the crepe sateen, due to its alluring shine, becomes sort of similar to silk or sateen. At the same time, the fabric saves the rough structure of the crepe.

What crepe sateen you can pick up if you need a shiny fabric for a wedding dress:

  • CS83. It is a crepe sateen with an inherent crepe structure. The fabric itself is completely non-elastic. The material is quite dense, heavy and falls down nicely.
  • S117. Also is a type of crepe sateen.The main difference of this fabric is good elasticity. The material stretches in both directions. The fabric is relatively light, however falls down beautifully as well as the previous one.

Satin – a perfect example of shiny fabric

The beautiful glossy shine and smooth surface is what distinguishes the fabric of the satin among the range of basic fabrics. The fabric of the satin for the dress is used to create a holistic image or as a lining. It all depends on the specifics of this material.

The video features several variants of satin fabric with gloss in the range of the Wedding Style store:

  • CS62. Soft and very dense satin. The fabric has a smooth surface and bright glossy shine. This particular satin is slippery and non-elastic. During the work with it, the fabric lies down in an appealing heavy folds way.
  • S53A. Stretch-satin. The fabric is much thinner than the previous material and very well stretched. Such shiny fabric could be used as a lining fabric for a dress.
  • S37. Pretty dense and rolling satin. This fabric is ideal to use to sew a wedding dress with wide folds.

We also offer you a more detailed description of the features and a full range of satin fabrics in the Wedding Style catalogue.

Organza and taffeta – a thin fabric for bright outfits

By opting for organza or taffeta, you achieve several goals at the same time. Firstly, you can buy shiny fabric for a lower price. Secondly, you wedding outfit will appear to be expensive and luxurious. How can it be possible? Both taffeta and organza are fabrics that in themselves look particularly festive. Moreover, if they have a charming shine, then the spectacular festive outfit at an affordable price becomes not as hard to create, as it may seem at the first sight.

You can have a look at a few alternatives of these fabrics in out small video-review:

  • PO3028. Organza flamas. A fabric with a bright shine. It simmers beautifully. The given fabric is extremely light and is suitable for a voluminous details in a wedding look.
  • NT. Organza ‘Chanel’ has a very strong glossy shine. The material itself is light and thin.
  • EY36-1. Semi transparent. Beautiful shiny material for unique wedding dresses. Given fabric has a rustling effect characteristic of taffeta, which gives it a certain extra look.

The brilliant options of the shiny fabrics you’ve come across in the video are just a small part of our range. The catalogue of the online-store Wedding Style has more than 200 positions of wedding fabrics. Choose only the best fabrics and create your own masterpieces.