Sequined lace trim AM13903DF-N44
Trims - Sequined lace trim

Sequined lace trim AM13903DF-N44

AM13903DF-N44 S.IV/S.IV(150/2R)+S.IV(40/2C)+51C4


Wedding trim of fabulous delicacy. The trim is neatly and tastefully embroidered and embellished with few sequins, its floral motifs gracefully combine with abstract elements. This trim is indispensable if you want a stunning, one-of-a-kind bridal dress. The lace trim is also suitable for decoration of sleeves, corsets, bodices, skirts as a single piece or else you can divide it into separate elements. Trim width: 12 cm. The price is indicated refers to one pack (14.4 m).

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