Тренды свадебных платьев 2021

The main wedding trends of 2021

The past year has become unpredictable for almost every inhabitant of the planet. Many newlyweds have canceled or postponed their wedding ceremonies. But now, we are hoping to go into 2021, which os called the year of premeditation.

‘The world will never be the same again…’ was written by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien long before all the events. Pandemic, lockdown, new rules of conduct – we adjust to the conditions that dictate life. And the wedding industry is no exception. Rethinking social factors and global trends, formed certain wedding trends for 2021.

The main wedding trends of 2021

The year 2021 was called the year of premeditation. After all, weddings, which have been postponed by the newlyweds since last year, are precisely considered, and preparation for the celebration has already tested the newlyweds for strength. And now, as you prepare for the wedding ceremony, it is worth knowing what have become the main trends of wedding fashion 2021. Well, let us try to figure it out.

  • Family values. The circumstances have reminded us how dear our relatives are to us. Thus, the dance with parents, words of gratitude to guests and sensual ceremonies will be the main moments during the celebration.
  • The challenge of modernity. Tell the guests not to spend their money on candy and flowers. Instead, raise money for charity.
  • Wedding celebration on weekdays. Popular venues for a wedding ceremony can be occupied on the dates that you need. Therefore, without any doubt choose one of the weekdays for your celebration. That is how you are going to be in the 2021 trend.
  • Chamber weddings. Or, in other words, a small celebration in the circle of of the family and in the closest environment. Such events, as a rule, are safer, and the holiday itself has a particularly gentle atmosphere. In addition, the wedding, that is held in this format, will help you save a lot.
  • A classic image of the bride. A restrained dress or suit, traditional cut and white colour – bright experiments for the bride’s outfit are a thing of the past. Choose classics and minimalism and create colour accents at the wedding with the help of the decor, rather than the wedding dress.

Now let us look in more detail at the image of the bride and highlight the Top 5 trends of wedding dresses in 2021.

Unchanged satin for luxurious outfits

Despite everything that is happening around, every girl wants to look stunning. Especially, on the wedding day, and preferably not for all the money in the world. We know how to solve this issue. One can buy a splendid white satin, pick the perfect сut for one’s figure and complete the outfit with a long veil. In just a free simple steps, one can get an outfit, which fully corresponds to the best modern wedding fashion trends.

In addition, you can make the satin dress truly special for you. In order to do this, use a secret from Meghan Markle. The Duchess wore a piece of fabric from the dress, which she wore on a first date with Prince Harry, in the lining of the wedding dress.

Tulle in a wedding dress

If you want a classic wedding dress, but the satin does not suit you, then the perfect solution is the tulle from TM Wedding Style. Depending on the model you choose, you will be able to pick the mesh fabric that you need. What are the types of tulle and how they differ, you can find out in the article ‘How to choose tulle for a wedding dress?’. And now we will tell you more about how to use the tulle to create a relevant outfit for the bride.

  • Voluminous sleeves. Light air sleeves have been popular for many seasons and are remaining popular among both designer and bride circles. The popularity of the tulle to create a marshmallow effect is easy to explain. After all, the semitransparent thin fabric allows you to create a tremulous and a delicate outfit for the bride. What else can be used for voluminous sleeves effect? Organza and chiffon will also be perfectly able to cope with such a task. The choice of the necessary material depends on you, your desires and the end result.
  • Voluminous ruffles and frills. Such accents on the dress will help to add tenderness and romance to the outfit. If you want clear lines, choose a hard tulle. If you want to make air ruffles or frills for your purpose, then you can use a softer types of mesh fabric. In any case, your outfit will attract the attention of others.
  • Fabulous dresses. Lush dresses with bulky underskirts are back in the background. However, even in the pursuit of the convenience and minimalism, designers could not ignore those brides who dream of a fabulous dress. It is just that now the curvy outfits look a little bit different. If you want to get into the wedding trends of 2021, choose a multi-layered skirt and with a minimal embroidery.

Current decor – rhinestones and sequins

When picking the basic fabric for a wedding dress, do not forget about the decoration. As we have already said, minimalist outfits are particular popular. But these are just trends. You can adapt them for yourself, improve and create a comfortable festive outfit for you.

For example, it is absolutely not necessary to deny yourself the decor of the dress, if you like it. After all, there are many options, how and with what to design a wedding dress. So, you can create intriguing details using sequins and rhinestones in tone with the dress itself. Such decor, by the way, does not contradict fashion trends. And if you are still afraid that embroidery will not be combined with a wedding dress, then decorate the accessories. Crystal, sequins and rhinestones can be used as ornament of a hair rim, a comb for a veil, a hairpin, a bracelet etc.

Small appliqués and voluminous flowers

Another trend of wedding fashion 2021 will be small appliqués and 3D elements. More diligent manual work to decorate the outfit with such element brings to the image of the bride individuality and originality. Besides, designers offer to decorate with voluminous colours not so the dress itself, but a veil, a train, a cape or shoes. Careful styles, that are completed with accent on the details, will not go unnoticed.

Focus on the fabric quality

Perhaps the key and the most important trend for 2021 will be the high quality of the fabric. Despite the fact that the bride’s dress is performed in the style of minimalism – almost without embroidery or with light decor, the material itself will attract the main attention.

On top of that, a good fabric makes it possible to create a beautiful silhouette. By using high quality materials, you will achieve the desired effect easier. Emphasise the neckline, draw attention to the cut-out on the back or create an original drapery – choose only the best wedding fabrics in bulk for a flawless result.

Follow the new trends with Wedding Style

Wedding dresses 2021 – trends of classics and minimalism. Clean colours, discreet styles and attention to the fabric will be the main keys for an immaculate wedding dress. Wedding Style offers you a wide range of fabrics for festive outfits. By analysing the trends of wedding fabrics 2021, we have chosen the best options for you. 20 years of experience in the field of wedding textiles gives us an opportunity to collaborate with reliable global manufacturers. Thus, we select the most demanded  materials to ensure that each of your dresses corresponds to the current fashion trends.