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Wedding style with Crystal Swarovski: best suggestions for brides

White, milky, pink, ginger or even green … . 2020 wedding trends have run riot fulfilling all the brides’ secret wishes, no matter how imaginative they are. These days there is no need for you to adhere to the established customary classic solutions. The instance of your satisfaction with your wedding dress to the point that you want to live in it has now taken priority. You can be delicate or extravagant, create a retro diva look or try out a pantsuit. Anyway, whatever you choose, remember to bring on the bling – not only your eyes should sparkle with feelings. Let your glitzy frock emit all the sparkle and glitter with Swarovski crystals.

Swarovski crystalsAccessories with Swarovski rhinestones

Classic dress with a pure and simple silhouette. If you are among those brides who prefer minimalist style, make a point of wearing accessories. They will increase the fascination factor and add glamour to your look. The belt embellished with rhinestones, crystals, beads or Swarovski pearls will not only accentuate your slender waistline by creating a flattering, sculpted, hourglass silhouette, but will also become a zest of your dress.

Swarovski crystal belt

Scallops (wedding hair combs), pendants, bracelets or tiaras – you can create your own quirky detailing by matching and joining together diverse crystal combinations offered by Wedding Style TM. If you choose the so-called “Juliet” (a lacy cap to which a veil is attached) instead of a tiara, you can feel like a fairy-tale princess and get closer to the flair of Grace Kelly, an actress, commonly recognized as one of the most stylish guises in Europe. Bespoke jewelry with Swarovski Pearls will add a kind of vintage touch to your look.

Jewelry with Swarovski crystals

Besides, wedding gloves, this royal accessory, reappeared in the bridal look in 2020. Pick out satin or lace wedding gloves, above elbow length or just wrist ones – there are no constraints to your wedding look. Whatever style you prefer – why not complement your chic with rhinestones, pearls or perhaps Swarovski Crystal bracelet?

Gloves embellished with Swarovski

How to create one-of-a-kind wedding dress with Swarovski crystals

Despite composed and laconic wedding dress tendencies designers still leave space for ideas when creating a dazzling bridal look. Particularly, capes and cloaks will not lose their relevance in 2020. Such a distinctive detail will definitely capture the heart of the most demanding bride. A floaty cloak cascading like a veil will add a whiff of dramatic effect and mystery to your wedding look. The main requirement for making a perfect cape is a fine and light, almost insubstantial fabric, which can be embellished with crystals, pearls or rhinestones. The cloak can be attached to the top edge of a dress bodice or jumpsuit, or else have a neck fastener. It is assuredly a showstopper.

Embroidered Cape

Embroidered corset, sleeves or dress neckline. You can create a bespoke dress pattern using the sparkling splendor of crystals, the variety of their shapes and colors. Rhinestones properly selected from our assortment on offer will create a sculpted, hourglass silhouette, or else reveal a flattering corset shape, not to mention gorge and neckline. If you want to go for serious impact, try to adorn your bridal gown with Swarovski crystals combined with lace, guipure, embroidery and tiny beads. Even classic composed dresses will thus gain a brush of bejeweled dazzling luxury.

Embroidered corset

Create and try it out. There are no constraints to the embellishment with rhinestones. Any of your ideas can be brought to life. Having decided upon Swarovski crystals for your wedding look, you get a bespoke dress from your childhood dreams. Your bridal outfit has nothing to do with a business suit – it’s time you tried one of the many ways to wow in white: it is your most important day and – all eyes on you! Remember that Wedding Style TM will be more than happy to help you make the right choice of Swarovski stones at really attractive prices.