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Wedding veil – how to pick a fashionable veil for the bride in 2021?

A stunning classic element of the wedding outfit for the bride… The bride’s veil has come a long way to become an accessory and decoration, rather than a way to protect her from evil eyes. Let us look into the history and find out how the veil appeared.

It is believed that the veil got to Antiquity from the East. And her ancestor is the burqa worn by oriental women. The veil at the time looked like an opaque piece of cloth and was similar to a bed cover. In that way, the bride was dressed from head to toe.

In addition, the wedding veil was not performed in the usual white and milk shades. In Ancient China, India and Rome, girls that were getting married wore a red veil. Thus, the brides showed compliance and unquestioning obedience to her husband.

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In Ancient Greece, young girls were dressed in a yellow veil. After all, yellow for the Greeks symbolised happiness and peace in family life. In addition, there were two key factors: the veil was long and only an innocent girl could wear it.

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The white colour of a wedding veil can be found in the image of Jewish brides. However, to a call a white bedspread, in which the bride was wrapped, a veil is quite difficult now. But it was this traditional outfit, that the bride had to stay until the end of the marriage ceremony.

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In Kievan Rus used to decorate a wreath with flowers and colourful ribbons. It was only after the 10th century that a large linen was used as a veil. Customs stated that after the wedding date was set, no-one was allow to see the bride’s face.

Невеста в Киевской РусиIs a veil needed for a modern bride’s wedding?

If we say that they veil is not only a decoration, then the question arises, whether the veil for a wedding is necessary. It is an individual decision. If you fo not like such accessory, you can replace it with a cape or give it up altogether. In addition, among the wide range of the wedding decor it is easy to choose a beautiful decoration for the hairstyle.

We tend to the possibility that the bride’s veil looks seamlessly integrated with the dress on the day of the wedding ceremony. After all, think about when there will still be an opportunity to wear a luxurious veil (the veil for a bachelorette is not considered)? Therefore, we offer not to give up this accessory. Especially since you can choose a wedding veil for any dress, choose any pattern, any length and create a unique wedding attribute.

Types of a wedding veil

When picking a veil for the wedding, the bride should consider some points:

  • Type of wedding dress
  • Future make-up
  • Wedding hairstyle

Why does it matter? Because otherwise the wedding image as a whole will look inharmonious. In addition, it is worth taking into the account how the solemn day will take place, so that the chosen veil does not become a burden for you.

In order to make it easier for you to decide, we present the most popular types of headdress for the bride. In addition, most of the variation you can find on the pages of our store.

      • Veil. Made from tulle. Suitable for wedding costumes, overalls, mini dresses or vintage outfits. A variety of veils are also called the Blusher veil. In addition to the fact that it is longer than the previous one, such a vail is put on the face only until the first kiss of the newlyweds. After that, it is thrown back.
      • ‘Juliet’ veil. A hat made out of lace, mesh, the extension of which is a veil. For the decoration of such a wedding cap beads, rhinestones, appliqués and other elements are used. Looks beautiful and original for stylised weddings, or vintage dresses (a striking example of a Juliet cap veil can be found in the flawless wedding outfit of Grace Kelly).
      • Spanish veil or mantilla. The traditional veil decorated with lace all over the edge. Its main feature is the way to put it on. So, the bride’s headdress is completely thrown on her head and trying to be fixed as inconspicuously as possible. Choosing this style should be remembered the simplicity of the hairstyle and the accuracy of the wedding dress. Give preference to light curls, brush wraps or lightly stab hair. The dress, in this case, should be chosen to be in a more restrained style, without flashy details. (articles Vl-7707B, VL-7592, VM-6357, VM-3201, VM-6356, VM-6359, VM-7116, VL-7670, VL-7674 ).
      • Fountain. The classic veil is made out of a higher mesh that holds the shape well. The fabric is tightly assembled on one side, while creating a pomp effect. The more layers, the more magnificent the wedding decorations will turn out. This veil looks quite pretentious, so the hairstyle, makeup and the bride’s outfit should be neat and without unnecessary decor. (V-8227, VM-7128, VL-7596, VM-6674, VML-6665, VL-7699)
    • Fan veil. The most versatile veil for a bride. For such decoration choose a soft tulle. The fabric itself is slightly collected in one place. Thus, the veil gradually expands to the bottom, gently falling on the bride’s dress. It is thought to be attached to the decoration and inside the hairstyle. Such veil will become a charming accessory for any wedding outfit. (VL-7708, VL-8543).

    As for length, there are a few options:

    • To the elbow – ends where the skirt begins;
    • To the tips of the fingers – basically end at the level of the wrist;
    • Ballet – reaches the level of the knees;
    • Veil – sweep or veil to the floor – a beautiful long veil, fits under a dress without a train;
    • ‘Chapel’ – a veil in one layer, which is often chosen for skirts with a plume (with which the veil itself should be longer than the plume);
    • Cathedral – veil, 3 meters long and more.
Some types of veils can be seen closer.

Wedding veil trends 2021

We already know about  types of veil. Now it is worth talking about what a fashionable wedding veil looks like in 2021. After all, it, as well as all other accessories and attributes of the wedding celebration, are influenced by world fashion trends. Let us try to determine the main trends of the wedding veil.

      • White colour. The symbol of purity and tenderness returns to the classic wedding fashion.
      • Lack of decor. Minimalism continues to take over all spheres of life. If you like this style, the clean veil without jewellery will perfectly complement you wedding outfit.
      • Focus on details. When choosing a classic and discreet wedding outfit, do not forget about the details. Your wedding veil can be the main highlight of the whole outfit. Individual embroidery, traditional symbols, authentic patterns, small 3D elements will certainly draw attention to the bride’s headdress.
      • The longer the better. If possible, give preference to a long veil. It does not have to be a train (if you are uncomfortable with it.) Lengths to the bone or knee will be enough.
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      Wedding day is a day for you. And in this case, it does not matter whether you choose a veil or not, it will be long or short, with or without decor. You wedding outfit should be comfortable for you. We are just counsellors. Therefore, give preference to those elements and styles to which the soul lies. And if the need arises, the company Wedding Style will help you pick wedding fabrics and festive accessories.