Из чего шьют свадебные платья

What are wedding dresses mainly made of – which material to choose?

Most brides start preparing for an important celebration long before the marriage proposal. And we are not talking about organizational issues at all. Social networks, blogs, movies, celebrities – every day a lot of bright wedding images flicker before your eyes. Often, even unconsciously, girls imagine how they would look in this or that dress. And after the cherished “Yes”, the images become clearer. Not only brides, but also designers are wondering what fabrics are used to sew wedding dresses. After all, each of them wants to get into trends, create a unique image and choose the perfect material. Wedding Style will help you understand a little about such an important issue.

choosing a wedding dress

So, when selecting fabrics for sewing wedding dresses, it is worth considering the key points:

  • outfit style;
  • features of the figure;
  • season;
  • plan of events for the wedding day.

“Why are there so many difficulties?” – You might think. All this is in order to find the best fabrics for a wedding dress.

Description and characteristics of fabrics for wedding dresses

The bride encounters with a wide range of materials that sometimes can confuse. After all, on such an important day you do not want to make a mistake, but look special. To do this, we offer a brief overview and characteristics of wedding dress fabrics, which can be found in Wedding Style online store catalog.

At the beginning, let’s conditionally single out 2 categories.

types of fabrics

Already being guided by this classification, you can choose the right fabric for your wedding dress. If you want a light and airy look, choose materials from the first category. If you need clear lines and dense canvases – then the fabrics  from the second column will suite the best.

  • Chiffon is an airy, translucent fabric with a grainy surface.
  • Organza. It is a true zephyr fabric. The material is thin but dense, has a beautiful sheen and holds its shape well.
  • Tulle/mesh. This is a fabric with tiny cell-shaped mesh. Tulle has an important distinctive characteristic. The material is absolutely transparent. Tulle fabrics must be combined with other main fabrics or linings.
  • Crepe. Basically, it is a lightweight, flowing fabric of medium density. This fabric is suitable for loose silhouettes, such as sleep dresses style. Thinner variety of fabric can be used as a lining.
  • Satin / sateen. They are the basic fabrics of great variety. Satin can be thick or thin, soft or stiff  – choose the one that will help you to realize your ideas.
  • Jacquard. It is a dense textured fabric. The material has a beautiful voluminous pattern, which is woven into the base of the fabric. Such fabric holds its shape well and looks truly luxurious.
  • Mikado. This is truly a bridal fabric. Neat sheen, texture and high density of the fabric allow you to create royal dresses without any embellishment.
  • Taffeta. It is a bit controversial fabric. Such material is suitable for creating airy and voluminous wedding dresses, however, at the same time, the fabric is quite dense, tough, with a light texture.

Lace fabrics for wedding dresses are always in demand

Perhaps, you are in doubts that an outfit made of basic fabrics will look simply and conventionally. If you wonder what else a wedding dress is made of, then it’s time to choose lace fabrics from Wedding Style. Luxurious wedding guipure lace or delicate patterns of macramé lace will put aside all questions regarding what fabrics are used to sew wedding dresses.

Lace will be in demand among designers and brides because of a wide variety of patterns, embroidery and the ability to choose lace fabric in the required price range. Choose the best fabrics for a wedding dress in Ukraine and create unique festive outfits.

What are the benefits of working with Wedding Style brand?

Wedding Style wedding fabrics are quality materials for a flawless look. In addition, we offer favorable terms of cooperation:

  • no minimum amount for a retail order (basic fabrics can be purchased from 1 meter, lace – from 0.35 m),
  • the ability to buy wholesale with delivery anywhere in the world;
  • goods cost reprising, if you order fabrics by rolls, not by meter;
  • placing an individual order when making a purchase wholesale;
  • an easy way of fabrics order on the website.

Wedding Style Company is your reliable supplier of fabrics in Ukraine. The information provided about the goods will help you to study the characteristics and purpose of the fabrics. If you need more information about what wedding dresses are made of, we suggest to get acquainted  with the articles about each type of fabric. In addition, you can always contact our managers for additional details. Still have questions about what fabric are used to sew wedding dresses? Send us an email and we will help you figure it out.