What varieties of lace fabric exist?

Take a closer look at fashion collection or celebrity outfits. At least one image of the model, at least one thing in the wardrobe of the star will be made out of lace. After all, lace canvas today – it is not only flowers, but also a lot of patterns that are performed on a variety of grounds. Therefore, if you are engaged in tailoring or preparing for the celebration, you should know what kind of lace fabrics there are for a wedding dress.

To distinguish the types of lace, you can use different criteria. For example, the way of production is divided into:

  • machine,
  • handmade.

For the composition of the material::

  • natural,
  • synthetic,
  • mixed

In addition, the hand-made lace is divided in many subspecies, starting from the way to create a pattern.

We will stop at the machine production of fabric and analyse what lace canvas in bulk can be found in the range of the store Wedding Style.

виды кружева для свадебного платья

So let’s get going. Based on the experience of working in the wedding textile market, we have highlighted such types of lace canvas:

  • Embroidered (solid, one-sided and two-sided),
  • With 3D flowers,
  • With sequins,
  • Plain,
  • Macrame.

It is worth noting that guipure laces (except macrame) can be performed on:

  • tulle (N44, N99, FN137…),
  • ground RS
  • organza

The main characteristics of the lace canvas

Despite the differences of fabrics of various subcategories among themselves, there are features typical for all lace canvas. The exception os the delicate lace macrame. We will get back to it, however in the meantime, let us talk about the main characteristics of lace canvas:

  • A thin but a solid material. The ground that is used for the embroidery is quite dense. The fabric is not stretched or deformed under the weight of the pattern.
  • Transparency. All embroidery (threads, beads, stones, sequins) are found on top of the ground. At the same time, even the most thickly embroidered quipure will be translucent.
  • Impeccable appearance. Fabric from any price category will look luxurious on a dress, blouse, top or skirt.
  • High quality decor. All the elements are securely fixed on the fabric. Decorative details do not shed themselves off and are distinguished by a dense coating, which does not change the colour and does not lose its shine during exploitation.

The properties of the macrame lace are somewhat different from the above:

  • The delicate canvas are created by a special technique of knot weaving. The canvas itself is strong, dense, with a clear contour and relief;
  • The lightness of the material. Guipure macrame, in most cases, perform without embroidery;
  • Keeps the shape well;
  • Easily divided into separate parts.

At the same time, macrame, like the other lace canvas, has a beautiful look. Also, the use of this fabric anticipates the presence of the lining.

Where lace fabric is applied

Blouses, skirts, flight sundresses, tops – a wide variety of patterns and embroidery allow you to use a lace canvas for almost any purpose. You can even decorate the home interior, make a stylish mural or an original picture. But, as not to twist, dresses from lace canvas are created much more often.

Lace wedding dresses

The most popular are different types of lace for a wedding dress. After all, you can pick a pattern and embroidery for every taste. Thickly embroidered canvas and floral pattern or barely noticeable pattern, decorated with sequins… In fact, it is difficult to choose when in the catalog of fabrics each lace is beautiful in its own way.

If you look at the wedding trends, we note that lace does not leave the collection of designers after one year. The Zuhair Murad, Reem Acra, Naeem Khan and other wedding fashion gurus remain fans of luxurious lace canvases.

And what style to choose to sew fashionable dresses from lace canvas? One that fits your type of figure. Long or short, lush or tight – lace wedding dress should sit on you perfectly. After all, the main criterion of a flawless outfit is its ability to emphasize everything we want to show, and hide our shortcomings.

Evening dresses with lace

Lace fabric and evening image – it’s a luxury, showiness that gets a lot of admiring views. Choose a bright colour, focus on embroidery, combine with other fabrics, choose the right style. And then lace evening dresses will become your favourite items of the festive wardrobe.

Do not know where to start the choice and how to combine lace with each other? We offer a portion of inspiration. Evening dresses from Julie Vino, Monique Lhuillier and Rami Kadi will not leave you indifferent.

Do not forget that for the occasion you can sew a white lace dress. The beauty and tenderness of the canvas will help to embody in a special magical image. Take a closer look at the dresses of Lebanese designer Elie Saab or playful outfits of the Australian brand Zimmermann.

The virtues of lace fabric and recommendations for working with it

No matter how much embroidery is on the canvas, no matter what variety you choose, it is worth remembering that lace fabric – it is still quite a gentle canvas. But why is it so loved? Because lace has undeniable advantages:

  • A wide range of patterns and embroidery,
  • Aesthetics,
  • Convenience at work.

Speaking of lace fabric. To avoid difficulties, you should remember the main rule: all actions that concern the guipure, should be careful. In addition, the recommendations of the masters will facilitate the work of lace canvases:

  • During the cut of the guipure, place it on a contrasting cloth,
  • Use full patterns to control what the pattern looks like on both sides,
  • Try to make as few stitches as possible on the finished product,
  • If the finished item of clothing anticipates the presence of lining fabric, then first sew the parts of the lining,
  • Connect the pattern elements with a sewing machine or an elastic overbread,
  • Sweep the cuts on the overlock or use a silk oblique.

An important factor in the work with the guipure is the quality of the fabric. After all, natural and synthetic fibres are also different. In addition, the thread for embroidery can be used of different thicknesses. And weaving the tulle or other base may be too thin and the fabric will deform. But, if you decide to buy wedding fabrics in Wedding Style, you will definitely get high quality material.

виды кружева для свадебного платья

Create wedding and evening outfits with us. We offer you a profitable collaboration and a wide range of fabrics. The order can be made online on the website or, if you need help, contact the consultant through messengers. In addition, delivery by courier services is possible both in Ukraine and anywhere in the world. You should only choose the best fabrics, and then – conquer the fashionable catwalks and gather eyes, full of admiration.